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NoR Administration Code Of Conduct

Staff Introduction

This is the Staff Code of Conduct, for all Admins to understand and uphold for our community. As a team and as adults (dealing with adults), common sense and responsibility are critical factors of our "jobs" as Staff in NoR.

We are providing this document to the community as a show of good faith. In return, we expect that the community should be respectful to administration, and not use this document for petty discussions on the behavior of our Staff that have been empowered to protect the rights of our community to enjoy their experience and aid in making NoR a better place.

Administrators, who mis-step the code of conduct, will be dealt with internally, and remedies are never discussed with outside parties.

The NoR Administration Tao

  • No one in NoR is above the rules. This is something you must always remember. In order to effectively assist the community, you should have a clear knowledge of the rules. If something is unclear, please ask and learn, so you are able to work with situations to the best of your ability. This also means you are subject to the same punishment as everyone else and will not be treated differently if you break the rules.

  • No Staff assignment is permanent. If you no longer meet the standards of the NoR Staff, (ie. taking calls, helping in the channels, participating in Staff activities, abiding by the Staff Code) your position will be reviewed by Senior Staff and we will help you decide where your talents will most benefit NoR.

  • Monitor the channels for issues that need attention. Regardless what "role" you are playing in NoR at any given time, or if you're out of NoR, keep an eye on the Channels (group IMs) and situations that may occur. If something comes up, please help out as your schedule permits. We are all busy and every inch from each member helps.

  • You represent NoR at all times. Even when you're not in NoR, and even where you're not actively dealing with a Staff issue. You are part of our management team, and a steward for NoR in all of your endeavors in Second Life. While we respect and encourage your freedom in Second life, if you want to engage in activities that you feel would have a negative impact on the reputation of NoR Staff, we ask you to use an ALT either for your administration in NoR, or for your activities that may impact the Staff reputation.

  • Lead by example. People will know you are Staff, even when you are not wearing the tag. Set an example of how to stay within the rules and the honest standard you would like to see others follow. Your behavior and attitude rubs off on all NoRians. If you are biased, rude, disrespectful, NoRians will be as well.

  • Play by example. Just because you're Staff doesn't mean you shouldn't be here to play! And just because you're Staff, doesn't mean your IC character can't be a bad guy/girl or a really really bad guy/girl. Just stay IC, negotiate the plot with people OOC in IMs, avoid gestures, and be a model citizen.

  • Talk and Type by example. Use appropriate language when working issues and posting on the forums. We are professionals. In situations where it makes sense, have someone else review sensitive posts that may impact our Staff reputation.

  • Confirm stiff punishments. It *SHOULD* be general practice to consult a Senior Staff member before implementing any "strong" disciplinary actions. Situations should be looked at from all angles and the communication channels between Staff should always be used. Keep in mind, we all talk to each other... about the simple things to the more complex. It NEVER hurts to get a second or third opinion.

  • Avoid the perception of Favoritism. Do not, unless there are no other Staff resources available, deal with situations revolving around your own RP, faction, friends or group. This causes MANY problems and we almost always have enough Staff to help field those calls. Call in someone else, and let them guide the situation to resolution.

  • Always go into a situation with an open mind. If you feel you are unable to handle something with a clear, unbiased and open mind, you will need to call another Staff member to assist. Do not walk into a situation presuming someone is at fault.

  • We do not set Fixed Staff Schedules. You are always on duty but not always working. In short, if you see rule violations going on, you should put your Staff hat on and deal with it (Unless as stated above you are DIRECTLY involved in the situation).

  • Punishments are the result of Evidence. Unless something is a *CLEAR* breach of rules (Clear being absolutely no gray area and no question about fault), you must gather the information in full, and assess the best course of action for the community.

  • DO NOT disclose privileged Staff Information. Our community members entrust us with special information to help us do our jobs. It is a key responsibility to maintain the sanctity of the information that we've gathered or been provided that is not generally available to the community. Our community expects a high level of confidentiality in their RP, and part of the draw of any RP is the anonymous ability to pretend.
Examples of privileged information:
  • Real Life Information (IP Addresses of Players, Real Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers)
  • Information about player Alts
  • Internal Staff discussions
  • Staff postings on community matters
  • Details on private community members and issue resolution
  • Details on individual community member punishments

  • DO NOT engage in debates on incidents previously handled by another Staff Member. We are all human, and by extension, are all capable of making decisions in the moment that may look different under review. If a community member feels his issue needs review and provides additional information to you as a 3rd party, accept the information without commentary on how situations could have been different. Then provide the information to the original Staff member and to the Staff forum for review. Allow the discussion process to take place internally and we will return a response to the concerned parties.

  • Senior Staff may intercede. At any time during a situation, a Senior Staff member may take over the situation with Staff assistance. This may happen when a situation has lasted longer than is needed, the situation is escalating out of control without resolution in sight, or Senior Staff believes there is a concern about a *perception* of bias.

  • Handle OOC issues with our Community carefully. It's impossible for us to ask everyone to be friends with everyone. We come to NoR as a community of friends, and we hope that we could all be friends, but reality isn't so kind. If you have an OOC Issue with another Staff or Community member, be an adult. Talk it out and work at finding common ground. If that cannot be done, please bring it to Bizarre Obscure or Sicarius Fegte's attention directly, or one of the Senior Admins, so that it is known for future situations.

Conclusions and Final Thoughts

  • No one is perfect. This includes Staff at all levels. But, we're here to help each other and the community the same. Please know who your fellow Staff members are.
  • Keep current with the Forums. You are responsible for reading the Land of NoR website, Group notices as well as Staff notices. If you see none for the day, please go over these avenues manually to keep informed. Please go over past notices and information, to get a better idea of previous situations and occurrences.
  • Use Common Sense. These are common sense basics we expect from our administration for the benefit of our community. Our Admin team must be aware and responsible and participate in the betterment of NoR as a team.


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