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“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable
but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.”

Vashar is open to all races and classes living in NoR and strives to be a faction in which RP is encouraged. If you like to RP and understand that combat can and is a part of this, then Vashar maybe for you.

All members of Vashar are treated equally, regardless of Race, unless your RP needs you to be treated differently :)

Vashar has a vast and proud History within the Nor story.  Contact Evelyne Hax for more informations.

Vashar is currantly in an Allience with a Faction named Liderc and some other friends.  Together we form the Crusaders of Nor.  The primary goal of the allience is to resist the Tyrant of Demonkind (legion)  who will install a dictature  on all  our City. They consider  them as a superior  race  and will drive others races in slavery.

If you are interested in Vashar, or if you want to have more informations, please do not hesitate to contact us. You won't be disappointed.

Contact : Evelyne Hax / Helm Anton / Xue Udimo

Rules of Vashar - OOC       
1.Our Vashar tags are to be treated as IC tags that any player can see. When you put on the Vashar tag, know that it will be seen as IC among all others in Vashar. If you do not wear your Vashar Tag while in Nor, you will not be sene as a Vashar and will not be supported by Vashar or Crusaders.  Alter your RP to accept this knowledge and remember to RP with this information in mind.

2.Chat channel and Vashar/Crusader notices are to be treated as IC unless it clearly states it is OOC. Any OOC in the channel should be taken to IM’s or used in brackets. The Vashar chat and Crusaders channels is to be seen as a IC radio channel.

3.OOC disputes between Vashar members or Crusaders members are to be brought to the Prime immediately prior to escalating any further. Failure to do so can result in loss of priviledge to post, loss of rank, or up to removal from the group depending on the severity of the situation.

4.Not everyone can RP as good as you think they should. Understand that and don't bother them with it, and don't hold it against them.

5.When in combat, fight with courage and bravery and win and lose that way as well. Many of the fights in NoR are unfair due to lag, people helping, different levels or skills. Remember that when you get into the fight and don't compain about it afterwards.

6.When a fight is finished, there is a possibilty of RP by the party that has won the fight. If you're not the victorious one, respect their right to it, but don't let anyone expect you to cross your own limits. For this purpose it would be a good idea to put down your own RP Limits in your profile picks.

7.Be clear about IC and OOC communication! No need for drama coming from misunderstandings.

8.Do not argue with people OOC’ly. If you can't resolve the issue there and then, back out and do not instigate. If you are in a roleplay, try to leave the situation. If you’re held captive try to IM the other players and request to be released. If all else fails, call an admin on /9GMHelp

9.Respect how each player uses their character. There will be bad guys, good guys, and those assholes in between. They have just as much right as you to play their character anyway they choose.

10.Respect each player and their decisions for being in SL and in NoR. Some come here looking for friends and to hangout, others come for purely the RP and others for combat alone. Do not judge a person for whatever their reasons of being here. If you don't like it, don't play with them. Simple as that.

11.Remember that NoR is a set of adult sims. There will be adult scenes happening and you should respect those that consent to such scenes regardless of the nature of the RP, such as rape. Nothing is forced.

12.Do not metagame, godmod or RP as a mutant immortal. Metagaming is taking information you gained OOC and using it IC. Know that many players in NOR consider their tags as OOC even though here in Vashar we consider it IC. Godmodding is RP’ing the actions of another character and/or RP’ing as a invincible and unstoppable being. A mutant immortal is a catch phrase that represents a character who basically feels no pain; doesn't respond to injures and laughs; runs their mouth while defeated; can solve all their problems in a instant; and is just a pain in the ass to deal with.

13.This is a game, as soon as it stops being a game to you, you need to pull yourself away and possibly alert  the Prime if it gets bad. Constant OOC outbursts and griefing can result in your immediate removal of the group.

14.Do not harass your fellow NoR-citizens by using animated gestures more than necessary for good roleplay. Examples of excessive gestures are spamming of texts in the chat, playing sounds over and over, using animations to stand on people's head and so forth. Also: DO NOT SHOUT unless needed! It's lame... Members of Vashar are respected citizens of NoR and do not have to use these ways to be noticed.

15.Make sure you join the groups! Being a member of the groups ensures you always receive the latest info about NoR and the DCS system and are generally up to date with what happens in NOR:
◦[[ DCS Support Channel ]] for all questions related to the use of your DCS system (the HUD and the Meter) this group is not used for chat and generally only for emergencies.
◦[[ Lands of NoR ]] for requests and problems with proper roleplay, this group is not used for chat and generally only for emergencies.
◦[[ NoR Chatterbugs ]] a group for happy chat for all the citizens of NoR.

Vashar History
The predicted End of Days came and went quietly. Humanity warred among itself even taking its fights to the stars. The Angels stepped forth into the world through long sealed portals. The world paused, and then rejoiced at the confirmation of Faith. The elation faded quickly, turning into suspicion then fear as the Angels took little notice of humanity and the cold realization that where one thing exists so must its opposite. These Angels were not the protectors of humanity, they were warriors of the Armageddon and they had an enemy. Demons and all those touched by evil.
Caught between a war of Titans, society collapsed, with humanity struggling to survive. Into this chaos Vampires woke from their centuries of sleep with promises of immortality to the disenchanted Lycans and Nekos prowling the streets while other races of Lore step from the portal. The ultimate Jihad, the War of the Armageddon, The Apocalypse rages on!

During the high point of the Pogrom, where high populace cities were being ravaged by Angels and Demons alike, several governments agreed in secret to a show of Terran might and unity. On the same day, on the same hour, on the same minute seven nuclear devices were detonated, unannounced, killing any and all caught in its wake. Despite taking place during the day in some locations it became known as the Eve of Atom. The idea worked as open hostilities virtually ceased overnight and the hot war went very cold.

That is where it all started for NoR as we know it now... The relative peace of the cold war allowed these new races to settle on the scorned land and occupy the ruins of the city to build their empire, use it as hunting and feeding grounds or simply as a place to hide and fight for survival. First to achieve dominance over the lands were the Vampires of Remembrance; their numerous forces raided the lands in Remembrance during its endless night and submitting the Demon Horde to their will. The Vampires dominance and actions in the land preempted in the creation of the Rejects who aided the free Demons to free the Demons of the Horde from the Vampires of Remembrance, secretly supported by Demons from other regions.

A dawn of a new era for the other races started as well as they settled themselves in the city. The Dominion was born from the flock of Angels appearing in the land and the proud, but mad Malkavians found shelter with the Vampire of Remembrance. After the Horde was freed they were disbanded and became the Vengeance Brood. Aided with Malkavians support the Vampires in Remembrance raided and ruled the lands once more. Though stripped of their Demon servants their numbers were numerous again, filling them with confidence and strength. The fights were fierce and lasted many months while both Demon and Angel diplomats were trying to separate the Malkavians from the Vampires of Remembrance. Ironically, despite all efforts it was the Vampires own infighting causing the rift which the alliance could widen that eventually drove them apart.

The Vengeance Brood had disbanded and reformed itself into the Demons of NoR, spearheaded by the Legion of the Damned, not long after the Vampires of NoR were beaten into submission. The Lycans managed to get a strong position of influence and power in the nation under the guidance of Pack Corvinius and others joined groups and families of mixed races such as the Crimson Kingdom or Witches of the Observatory, but the peace resulting from the new found balance in Remembrance lasted not more then a few days. Fights between the Rejects and the Dominion broke out and the Demons of NoR were drawn into a war with the Malkavians. Two fights that were soon fought as one after the Dominion and Malkavians joined forces against the Rejects and Demons starting off an age of hostilities in the Nation of Remembrance that would be the background of events lasting years and stretching to the recent past. The guns of war only silencing when the entirety of the Nation was being threatened with potential invasions of foreign factions or the appearance of the mysterious Ichor being who managed to reduce the joined forced of the Nation of Remembrance to scrap metal in minutes before he was finally beaten.

<< Details about this period in NoR can be found on the forum where various RP logs have been recorded: >>

Despite the bloody war the Nations population grew fast... Various Vampire houses, Neko packs, Demon hordes and families of mixed races settled themselves in the nation during these days. Some were crushed under the weight of the war before getting a size of importance; others flourished and grew rapidly under the harsh conditions. The war ended after the majority of houses and factions allied themselves in the Axis of Evil against the Malkavian and Dominion forces who were eventually beaten and left the Nation... But not all... Some small groups and individuals stayed. House Giovannie absorbed a large number of young Malkavians and turned into the Drakula while others found a new home amongst their own race or started their own family in the Nation of Remembrance like the Tzildaris Vampires. The remaining Angels of NoR organizing themselves in the Sentinels.

A short period of relative peace fell over the Nation of Remembrance as the families and houses took the time to recover from the war and the nation started to reorganize themselves. Families were disbanded and new houses and families came to the scene like the Vashar, Lacedaemons, Chaos Marines and the Cult of Vampires just to name a few. And as the (former) AXIS factions recovered from the war a Resistance was started against the dominant forces in the nation. A new war of epic proportions was hanging over the Nation of Remembrance as the Drakula vampires who had grown enormous started aggressive raids in the lands. The smaller, reformed and hollowed out families and houses were no match for the Drakula forces and though it didn't take long till old friends and allies had found themselves they lacked training and routine to make a fist.

As predicted, the war became long and bloody tearing up families and crushing entire clans in its wake. Many months passed until the Drakula Vampires could be forced back onto their own soil in Vampire, but not defeated. It took another few months of fighting and diplomatic pressure which resulted in the choice from the Drakula command to withdraw their forces. The Nation of Remembrance entered a period of change accompanied by relative peace was it not that the Nation was visited by pink mutants of amazing strength, dropped by orbital landing ships with a sinister objective. After they achieved their goals they destroyed their temporary base in Sulin on the new found continent of Megapolis. Those staying behind from the Drakula vampires found homes in factions all over the nation or joined new families like the Immortals and the returned Malkavian delegation who eventually settled themselves on the new continent.

With the major wars behind us and majority of the remains of the Resistance forces resettled on the continent of Megapolis the Nation of Remembrance entered a period of relative calm, fights limiting to cross continent raids and relative small scale assaults at first. This calm was used by many houses and families to reform and reorganize. The Legion of the Damned that disbanded at the end of the Drakula war was recast in the Legion Legacy and started to work on a new Demonkind, the Drow settled themselves and even more exotic beings like the Machina and Elfin appeared in the Nation of Remembrance. But what started small didn't stay small. The small raids became organized attacks and the guerilla war threatened to escalate into a full scale war again... But none could foresee what happened next.

<< More details about the current phase of the NoR role-play can be found on the forum and in the PaNoRama magazine sold (L$1,-) in NoR >>

Whether it was a plague that was raging through the nation, the discovery of the huge Space Station or the INFERNALS attacking out of nowhere or perhaps a nuclear device or the casualties of many years of wars finally revealing themselves... Nobody knows for sure. The new continent disappeared as mysteriously as it once appeared the Space Station dooms over Remembrance and the city is plagued by these strange bugs. What has happened? What are these infernals? Who made them? Why are they here? Why now? When...? More questions then answers and the Infernals keep growing stronger. And why are the Demons and Angels at each others throat again? Some feel they need to join the infernals side; others joined forces in order to find ways to destroy these bugs while others try to pick up their everyday lives again and build an existence during these violent days of the Armageddon.


About Factions

In the Land of NoR you will find numerous factions. Many NoRians have grouped into factions for different reasons. These reasons vary from combat- and/or roleplay-specific reasons. Some factions have lots of members while others are smaller in size.

Here you can read about the established factions that reside in the Land of NoR and how to join them. Feel free to ask their members for additional information.

We try to keep this list up-to-date, but factions in NoR come and go. If your faction isn't listed here, contact a member of Land of NoR staff (a mentor, or an admin) to help you get your information here as well.

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The UintyCore Engine is used in The Land of NoR.

UCE is a feature-rich roleplay & combat system like no other. You can use this system in the Lands of NoR to engage in epic battles!

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