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The Challenge of the Gods

Humans of NoR Angels of NoR Demons of NoR

Vampires of NoR Lycans of NoR Drows of NoR

Elfs of NoR Machina of NoR Mythics of NoR

Nekos of NoR Mutants of NoR Revenants of NoR

Mixed Houses of NoR

Reputation transfer when Switching Guilds

- Take a picture of your Reputation BEFORE you leave your old guild.

- Join the Guild of your race.

- Make an ADMIN call and submit the picture + the name of your new Guild for the Reputation Transfer.

Merging Guilds XP 

- Both Guild Masters need contact Bizarre Obscure and give their Approval.

- Guild XP from one Guild will be moved to the new Guild.

- Guild Member Reputation will be transfered through above procedure.

UCE/NoR Race Guild: (Race) of NoR guild has members of the UCE meter race only

SL/NoR Race Group: (Race) of NoR groups are for Both IC role play, IC gossip and OOC support for those Role Playing that Race

> Don't need to be of the same UCE meter race as the SL Race Group.

More to follow...



All the links should be correct now. Alert us if run into an issue.



All the links should be correct now. Alert us if run into an issue.

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Shout 'n gagged

Latest Message: 2 weeks, 2 days ago
  • Zecalla : be a proper civilized mayor and excuse yourself
  • MuNtA : burps
  • MuNtA : There will only be one elvis:P folks even think he still aliveXD
  • Niecey : That Neph was a cutie. .but not an original. With us Pew Pew Pew
  • Bullly : Land of DRows!! so everyone a damn drow now?
  • Zecalla : There will only be one nephlim, The original Nephlim of the syndicate
  • Niecey : There will only be one Nephilim...The ORIGINAL leaders Abigail, Loki, and Soren. - Abi
  • Zecalla : Forum sure is very quiet now a days
  • genavive11 d : flies in Waves, Flies out
  • Doria Demen : *throws glitter everywhere*

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Demons of NoR
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