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Okay I did NOT do this one.  Site was naughty all on its own.  As you can see its coming back up slowly.  The forum button on the front page is being something similar to that itch you know you have but you cant scratch.  You can direct link here: FORUMS-HO!

I am uploading a copy of the site and will try a more robust restore once its done. Failing that I actually look for whats not linking right and sort it.  Why am I not just doing that in the first place? Because something made the site go boom, I dont know what it is at this time, so going back to a working copy is just the right move.


XP Audit and Updates

We are noting several players with anomalies on their player sheets. Example a spike in levels/xp in an short window of time that is outside median but a lot.  So, we are conducting an audit of xp trends and admin commands.  If you have noticed anything "odd" please bring it to staff attention.


Have not been able to pull the deleted forum section from the backups.  Will set up the rest of the forums and migrate it back at a later date when I have time to sort through them.


Due to options we will have shortly in UCE we are going to be lowering XP ticks in all sims down to 1 or 2 soon.  Not sure what it will be at this time because we have  to factor in rolling out the xp alternatives and their relation to the static levels.  More to come.



Lesson of the day: Dont do anything that involves reading and checking things when extremely sleep deprived.

So here I was doing things I needed to do to bring the forums back fully to the public view.  Was I tired? Yes. Did I want to get it done tonight because I had put it off several times due to RL? Yes.  

Why the announcement? Well, I just literally purged three main categories I meant to rename and move.  I check boxed several categories to put them in their new order.  I then unclicked them all (or so I thought).  Then clicked two now empty main categories to delete.  And delete I did. This was roughly 20 minutes ago.  After organizing some other things I went to click those categories I mentioned earlier so I could hit publish and they were just gone.  The only logical explanation is when I was going down the line of unchecking I must have missed some or thought I hit them. So when I moved to the delete part they were included.

So, my apologies and damn my tired eyes/brain.  Ill check the backups tomorrow and see what I can recover.  I fully expect to get most if not all back but I just dont trust myself to do it when I am this exhausted.  

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