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NoR's 2015 LGBT Fund Raiser

Fellow NoRians,

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NoR has been my home for many years and SecondLife the sanctuary where I found it. A place where I could escape the struggles of daily life and where I found others doing the same. Each of us with their own reason, but all of us with our own story.. Remembrance was founded after 9/11 with the idea to provide a home and refuge for the outcast, the free spirit, those who are different, a place where we can put our combined talents together to make something good, without discrimination on background, skin color,  social position, handicap, sexual preference or (legal) fetish. And so we did! NoR is one of the longest running role play and combat sims in SecondLife. We have gone through rough times, survived attacks, morned those who passed away and created a community that judges on who you are and what you do in world, in game.

Over the last few years the atmosphere changed as the world around us changed as well. A form of short sightedness, lack of respect and intolerance that is growing in Real Life started to reflect in SecondLife to the point that people found it "ok" and "fun" to expose ones real life in the groups, that a rainbow flag and a few LGBT outings in the sim is a reason not to play here and that me having a relation with another female for some reason is an argument in a discussion about the configuration of the NoR combat system.

NoR has never shunned a statement or symbolic gesture and the community has come together of a fair few occasions for the good cause. With the NoR's 2015 LGBT Fund Raiser we wish to make a statement again, not just us as community, but reaching out to different worlds all over SecondLife to make a statement together. SecondLife is Our home and place we have fun, feel safe and secure outside of real life and we stand united in solidarity with those who find a similar refuge here regardless of sexual preference, gender or specific (legal) fetish. This Fund Raiser is to show that we stand united in the cause for tolerance and respect towards each other regardless of who we are, who we love and what we do in the bed room.

The proceeds of the Fund Raiser will go to the: and hopefully there will be a day that nobody needs to hide away or find a second life in order to get away from every day discrimination and intolerance and we could all be here "just for the fun of it".

The NoR LGBT Fundraiser

LGBT Fundraiser: Best Video of Events 

LGBT Fundraiser: Best Pic of The Event 

LGBT Fundraiser: Educate: Share Your Story 

LGBT Fundraiser: Short Story Contest: Funniest Date 

LGBT Fundraiser: Short Story Contest: Romantic



All the links should be correct now. Alert us if run into an issue.



All the links should be correct now. Alert us if run into an issue.

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