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All the links should be correct now. Alert us if run into an issue.



All the links should be correct now. Alert us if run into an issue.



Okay I did NOT do this one.  Site was naughty all on its own.  As you can see its coming back up slowly. 

I am uploading a copy of the site and will try a more robust restore once its done. Failing that I actually look for whats not linking right and sort it.  Why am I not just doing that in the first place? Because something made the site go boom, I dont know what it is at this time, so going back to a working copy is just the right move.

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Shout 'n gagged

Latest Message: 1 week, 1 day ago
  • wicked : wow.. wierdness
  • Tali Vaher : nahms the positive zombie energy
  • MuNtA : Sends nor some positive zombie energy.
  • Doria Demen : We do NOT have an ETA on that yet Zecalla.
  • Zecalla : Please someone give info on how restoration of full forums is coming.
  • Jasminemilne : holy moly! Hey Tander! long time!
  • Tander Nikol : GANGREL 4 LIFE
  • Doria Demen : what a mad man!
  • madman : Mad ate a zombie he was sick with food poisoning for a week strait((finishing las post l))
  • madman : Last time m

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