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Calling All Faction Leaders

MAIN MEETING:  Sunday 1/19/2014 @ 12 pm slt.

Location to be announced. Try to be on 15 minutes early if you can and expect it to start 15 minutes late. Ill do everything I can to keep things on time but experience has taught me to expect issues.

There was a 95%  amount of people that could attend at that time and day so it was the obvious choice.

For the handful of Saturday only people I am going to reach out to you at some point early tomorrow to at least touch base with you.

Sorry for the delay.  Coincidentally, I have gotten sick again due to the fine people where I work deciding to come in this week with a fever. So I been down hard for the last two days.  Vile mutant virus overwhelmed my superior bovine immune system.


Hail NoRians!

Not too long ago we had a faction leader to management meeting.  It was an overwhelming success and something we intend to continue. I was unfortunately unable to attend due to scheduling and, to be quite forthright, I was sick as a dog.

To make up for it, this time it will be faction leaders to Sicarius.  Any staff member on any level that is a faction leader will be there in the faction leader role only.  Note, this is no reflection on how the last meeting was handle because it was a rousing success. However, I feel this is an opportunity to connect with those of you that I havent had the pleasure to do so with yet, to allow the staff member to address their faction based concerns without conflict and to allow for a direct channeling of concerns to me.

Location and medium to be determined.  I will use some of the time to state some things and then turn the floor over to the faction leaders.  Depending on necessity and turn out will dictate protocols but will be informal.

I am booking roughly 1 hour for the meeting this coming weekend, either Saturday (18th) or Sunday (19th). I am figuring on a time between 10 am to 3pm SLT. I know we have people from multiple time zones and this range seems to hit the most crossover for everyone. Please note that I want to get everyone in but ultimately the time and day that will be selected will be the one that works for the greatest number of people.

This meeting is for establish faction leaders only. We have general meetings for everyone but this is specifically to address faction level issues.

Here is what I need from you:

Make an Admin call, note that this is in response to Sicarius' faction leader meeting and give a 3 hour window of time you are available on both Saturday and Sunday, if possible.  INCLUDE WHAT FACTION YOU ARE LEADER OF. UNKNOWN FACTIONS WILL NOT BE INVITED. Figure on a 1 hour and 15 minute time frame just to be safe. Please do so by Wednesday (15th) the latest. I will post here a day and time by Thursday night as well as put an announcement out.

This meeting is among friends, so do not come with a chip on your shoulder or soapbox in hand.  I expect an open BUT civil and rational discussion. Cant handle that do not come or if you do, do not expect to be there long.

Cookies will be served and there may be pie.


Another silent moment for a fallen NoRian: Brother Heavy

Sadly, we have lost a legendary admin in NoR as well as a damn fine person and hell of a man: Brother Heavy.  

While both the world and NoR are a little less bright today I have always felt a strong resonance with the custom in New Orleans of having a parade with a jazz band.  Celebrate their life.  There is no avoiding missing them but be glad you had the chance to know someone that was worth missing.

Brother Heavy, you will be missed but we are glad we had the time with you we did.

Personal note:  Brother was one of the longest running admins in NoR.  He had a way about him and one hell of a distinctive voice.  When you heard it you just couldnt help liking the guy.  Then you got to know him and you REALLY liked him.  I find NoR a treasure and a curse in the same breath. I have had the pleasure of calling friend some of the best people this world has to offer but it also means that I experience their loss. This is the 2nd one this year and I wont pretend it doesnt hurt but I wouldnt trade it for anything.  I raise a cookie to you my friend and I will see you on the other side.

Remember Brother Heavy here

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