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The Demons of Hostility

The Demons of Hostility are a branch of  the Demons of NoR.
 Bizarre Obscure
 The Tyrant of the Damned is head of state. She has the final say in all affairs concerning Demonkind should it be brought before her and together with Her Legion Legacy the Tyrant guides the binding forces within Demonkind and the maintenance of Demonland and standards with Demonkind.
- The Demon Government is lead by the Prince  Princess Regent of Demonkind (and staff). Ruling out of the name of the Tyrant and with the greater glory of Demonkind as goal.

The Demons of Hostility always abide by the Rules of Demonkind.

- No Demon shall attack another on Demonland.
- Demon conflicts of Honor can be setled in a duel, the winner decides the faith of the defeated.


According to the Bible, the fall of the Adversary is portrayed in Isaiah 14:12-14 and Ezekiel 28:12-19. However, the connection between Isaiah 14:12-14 and the fall is mostly based on mistranslation and tradition. The King James Version (KJV), popular among most Christian sects, reads:

    "How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! [how] art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High" (Isaiah 14:12:-14).

The word "Lucifer" was inspired by the Latin Vulgate, a translation that the authors of the KJV adhered to in several occasions to elucidate Christian traditions (see KJV, "The Project"). Lucifer is a Latin word meaning "light-bearer" (from lux, lucis, "light", and ferre, "to bear, bring"), a Roman astrological term for the "Morning Star", the planet Venus. The word Lucifer was the direct translation of the Septuagint Greek heosphoros, ("dawn-bearer"); (cf. Greek phosphoros, "light-bearer") and the Hebrew Helel, ("Bright one"). The word does not specifically refer to Satan. To the contrary, in context, Isaiah 14:12-14 actually refers to one of the popular honorific titles of a Babylonian king (see Isaiah 14:4 for context); however, later interpretations of the text, and the influence of embellishments in works such as Dante's The Divine Comedy and Milton's Paradise Lost, led to the common idea in Christian mythology and folklore that Lucifer was a poetic appellation of Satan (see Lucifer for more information).

Ezekiel 28:12-19, in context, refers to the King of Tyrus (see Ezekiel 28:2 for context). The passage, however, is popularly attributed as a reference to, or allegory of, Satan, and even by some commentators, an allegory of the fall of Adam.

Many Christian teachings are built upon later Jewish traditions that the Adversary and the Adversary's host declared war with God, but that God's army, commanded by the archangel Michael, defeated the rebels. Their defeat was never in question, since God is by nature omnipotent, but Michael was given the honour of victory in the natural order; thus the rise of Christian veneration of the archangel Michael, beginning at Monte Gargano in 493, reflects the full incorporation of demons into Christianity.

According to tradition, God then cast God's enemies from Heaven to the abyss, into a newly created prison called Hell, where all God's enemies should be sentenced to an eternal existence of pain and misery. This pain is not all physical; for their crimes, these angels, now called demons, would be deprived of the sight of God, this being the worst possible punishment.

An indefinite time later (some biblical scholars believe that the angels fell sometime after the creation of living things), when God created the earth and life, the Adversary and the other demons were allowed to tempt humans or induce them to sin by other means. The first time the Adversary did this was as a serpent in the earthly paradise called the "Garden of Eden" to tempt Eve, who became deceived by Satan's evil trickery. Eve then gave Adam some of the forbidden fruit and both of their eyes were opened to the knowledge of good and evil.

List of Demons

    *Acham - the demon of Thursday.
    *Alrinach - demon of shipwrecks.
     *Alocer - demon in astrology.
    *Any - the presiding demon of Hell.
    *Anamalech - the demon of bad news.
    *Andras - the demon of discord.
     *Aquiel - the demon of Sunday.
    *Arachula - evil spirit in the air.
     *Ardad - demon that leads travelers astray.
    *Ascaroth - demon of spies and informers.
    *Asmodeus - mentioned in the Book of Tobias; Asmodeus (aka Abaddon) is "The Destroyer."
    *Astaroth - one of the Chief Devils, sometimes spelled as Ashtaroth.  Astarte is its female. 
    *Baal - one of the Great Demons.  Also given as Baalim.
    *Bechard - the demon of tempests.
    *Bechet - the demon of Friday.
    *Behemoth - the demon of animal strength.
    *Belial - demon of the Sidonians.
    *Beelzebub - one of the Princes of Hell.  Also given as Beelzeboul.
    *Braathwaate - demon of Ignorance. 
    *Bucon - the demon of Hatred.
    *Byleth - one of the Kings of Hell.
    *Cheitan - demon born of Smoke.
    *Lanithro - demon of the air.
    *Legassa - demon of Hypocrisy.
    * Leviathan.
    *Lucifer - "Light-bearer."
    *Mastiphal - one of the Princes of Darkness.
    *Saalah - demon that entices into the woods.
    *Tenebrion - Spirit of Darkness.
    *Verdelet - demon who carries witches to Sabbath.

The Scrolls of Hostility
The twisted tale of the line of Aen winds through the lives of Hostile Perl and Aahz Clawtooth. Brother's in half, bound by their mother, Ardor Aen(1), fallen heir to the throne in the Seelie Court. The Seelie magic runs strong, but blinding white. She is known as a whore of Babylon among her people now, seduced, not once, but twice, by denizens of the underworld. Demons.

The first by name, Adramelech Perl(2), from the direct line of Lucifer, one of the four fathers of hell. The second by name, Asmodeus Clawtooth(3), from the direct line of Belial, another of the four fathers. The two demons who brought upon the fate of Ardor, grew up as close cousins, competing in everything, fighting each day to best the other.

They saw a prize and sought to win her. Ardor Aen was one who would bear for them fruit of loins more powerful then anything in hell alone. Adramelech won first her body, and brought forth with her Hostile, her first ruining. Red skin and stubs of black horns alerted Ardor's family to her sin, and she was brutally, despite having a newborn child, cast out.

The witches who watch the ever changing fate of the world saw this, took pity, and took her in. They came to love her son, but made her swear she would never again lie with a demon. Not yet beaten, and considerably more patient, Asmodeus showed his face secretly to Ardor, and stole away her love. After many years of effort, a small thing to one so ancient as he, Asmodeus had his success and got her with his child.

The witches saw it the moment she was impregnated. Infuriated, they bore down upon her, ready to take her life and that of her child. She begged mercy for the thing, and was granted it. The day Aahz was born, Hostile was sent back to hell, to live with his father's people. He was told his mother and unborn sibling died in her attempt to give life.

As the child screamed it's first breath, Ardor breathed her last, the witch's poisons moving quickly through her. They did not tolerate demon's, though they could not help but love the ill begotten children of their charge.

Aahz was sent to the world with a coven of earthbound sisters in witchcraft. They were lesser creatures in the ways of magic, and he was forced to live a hard life. This was much unlike Hostile's beginnings in pleasure, having every imaginable whim satisfied. Aahz worked hard for his bread and life, and through simple earthly fashions was made in a hard mold.

At the same time, Hostile had been abandoned by the witches and, still young, was left to the shock of hell. Forced to learn or die that everyone was out to get you, to steal from you, to use you, and that you must do what you must to get to the top.

With a determination that they didn't know they shared, they forged through their lives. Both travelers, one of the spirit world, and one of the physical world. They faced their days and wondered about the circumstances that had created them. They both had a twisted tongued way with words and people, and an aptitude for any craft they put their hands to. It seemed that both were made in fashions to make their father's proud.

When Hostile found his father, the old rivalry resurfaced.
An argument blazed between Asmodeus and Adramelech. Hostile watched his father and rival as they discussed with increasing intensity who's son could best who. Adramelech argued that since his son had found them first, that he was the best, and Asmodeus contested that Hostile's beginning years had made him weak. Finally they decided to put it to the test.

Asmodeus appeared to Aahz and revealed himself as family. Aahz had never known anyone related to him and was fascinated. He listened intently as Asmodeus of the silver tongue spun a web of deceit. He told him that his mother was alive, and in order to free her from an eternity of torture, he must defeat the devil who bound her in her prison. His name was Hostile and he resided in the pits of hell. Aahz used his magic to bring himself there and confronted Hostile with a crushing blow to the face. The battle was on.

Tearing flesh on flesh. Blaring magic on magic. Glaring lights of energy boiling so bright that even the residents of the burning waste were compelled to watch. Sweat and blood and effort like no other ever given...and the fight came to a wrenching stand still. A dead lock. Each brother, unknowing of their shared essence, called upon a self taught spell that was sure to eliminate the other. It was a spell that would crush all energy in the vicinity that did not belong to themselves. Aahz, fueled by hatred and with an evil glare, let loose his blow. At the same time, smirking, not knowing of the lies, and thinking this a contest to prove himself to and win the love of his father, Hostile let loose his. They hit dead on their marks, which could only mean death for their opponent. The shrieks of spectators who let their curiosity bring them too close filled the air with eerie unmelodic music. But when the dust settled, each brother looked across the arena to discover that the other was still standing.

Astonishment from Hostile's face was mirrored on Aahz's. They turned as one to their fathers, who still apparently found the whole deal rather amusing. Knowing they shared the bound of blood and soul, though not knowing the nature of it, they stepped forward, rage flowing in and out of them like a searing tide. Recognition hit both of the demon fathers, they knew what they had done. They felt no shame, for degredated creatures such as they were beyond this emotion. No, it was raw fear they felt. Their success was unbounded. They had created beings that were stronger than any in hell. And there was no contest.

The river styx ran a little fuller of blood that night. The damned souls had a reprieve chuckle as they heard two of their tormentors make the sounds of anguish they fully deserved.

When it was done, the brothers looked at each other, hands covered in the blood of their last living relatives. A smile was shared and a drink offered. They went for a cocktail, it seemed the most sensible thing to do in a situation like that.


I know the tale is true, for I am one of the watching witches. I killed their mother myself, and in penance, I offer them this: their truth which had been before seeped in lies. Clear and well they know now. They hold on to the only family they have, forging ahead and growing their new family of the damned. They hold pride in their demonic blood, for it rings strong because of their twisted lives, not in spite of them. They created the 'Demons of Hostility' because of these things. To hold on to all that is left of their past. And to build their own future. Bizarre Obscure, the demon tyrant, is the only whim to which they bend. This witch asks you if your blood runs hot enough to stand their fires; if your are strong enough to stand with these, knowing full well their power, and not to flinch away in cowardice. Do you have it in you to become one among their creed?

Akin to these are the Witches of hostility, inspired by a witch who melted the before frozen heart of the Arch Demon Hostile, by name Myrah McMahon. These witches are made in the same mold as mine own, who find reason to love these demonic souls, or at the least ally to them. The witches of Hostility also serve Bizarre Obscure, she who rules. They further themselves in alliance to the demons, gathering their own gains in this service. To sell your soul to the the devil is to have many rewards. Come, sister witches, and lay yourself here, and watch as you are lifted up.


(1)Ardor Aen: Lust of the innocent.
(2)Adramelech Perl: Arch Demon whose name means, "King of Fire". Who's word is law among the burning waste.
(3)Asmodeus Clawtooth: Arch Demon of Lust, known for the spiritual possession and defilement of innocent maidens.

Hierarchy of Demons

In early Christian theology, Satan or the Devil was seen as chief of all other demons. But soon this changed and Hell was divided in several hierarchies of demons. This was presumably due to the division of angels in hierarchies or choirs taken from Judaism (see angelology), and as demons were angels before, their organization had to be similar.

During the Middle Ages, many other schema were proposed, some drawing on and expanding on Pseudo-Dionysius, others suggesting completely different classifications. One of these divisions is offered by Sebastien Michaelis, who divided demons in three hierarchies (first, second and third), not making allusion to their rulers (see Michaelis' classification of demons).

Soon this division took another sense, and nobility titles were granted to demons as if they were part of an earthly monarchy. Demons were Great Marshals, Knights, Presidents, Great Presidents, Earls, Great Earls, Dukes, Great Dukes, Marquises, Great Marquises, Princes, Great Princes, Kings, Great Kings, and the ruler of all them the Emperor. As in the earth, some of them had more than one title. Curiously the titles of Baronet, Baron, Viscount and Viceroy were not used. It is unclear if Earl was used as a synonym of Count, or with the ancient meaning of Eorl (Old English for 'nobleman, Prince, Warlord, chief of soldiers'), because the Latin term 'comes' has both meanings. Other hierarchies mention physicians, superintendents, demons in charge of keeping the fire of Hell lit, etc. The rest of the demons were divided in legions.

Several grimoires rank demons according to titles of nobility, among them The Great Book of Saint Cyprian, Le Dragon Rouge, and The Lesser Key of Solomon.


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