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The Syndicate

The Syndicate – The Modern Lycan Protectorate. 

Established around 2010, The Syndicate is the longest continually run Lycan-controlled family in NoR.

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The Syndicate is similar to a more organized version of the “evolved werewolves” from the True Blood television series.  

Q: Why do Vampires and Demons evolve over time, but Lycans do not?

A: Lycans are another word for werewolves - a human/wolf hybrid - and they never change over time. In our world, Lycans are the next evolutionary stage of werewolves just as Humans evolved from proto-apes. A Lycan has two Lycan parents. They are faster, smarter, and more powerful. Their ability to freely shape shift into mentally focused “wolves" and their superior social organization make them more complex than traditional werewolves.

Q: If Lycans evolved, what would their society look like?

A: Modern Lycan society would resemble the Mafia. This modern, close-knit family structure contains an Alpha-dominated hierarchy. It puts a fresh spin on the traditional pack.

Q: In these modern times, what evolutionary pressures would cause Lycans to mix with hybrids and other species?

A: Survival. If you do not evolve and adapt, you go extinct. Modern Lycans realized that a family which accepts other races is the only true way to survive in this post-apocalyptic world. A single Lycan plague would wipe a traditional pack off the planet. In addition, a more open group is more powerful than its traditional counterpart. Other races bring different strengths and capabilities into the mix, and diversify the entire group's skills through other races' teachings and techniques.   The super pack is an evolutionary step up from a pack.

Q: Is the Syndicate a Lycan Pack?

A: The Syndicate is an evolutionary step beyond a Lycan Pack. To us, the question is meaningless. We are The Syndicate. 

Q: How would a group like The Syndicate work together with other, non-Lycan races? What about hybrids?

A: Despite the mix, the nature of the group still depends on the nature of the Alpha. Unlike other, more traditional packs who view other races as inferior beings, the Syndicate recognizes that they are unique individuals that should not be criticized for their upbringing. If hybrids and other races wish to work with The Syndicate and follow our philosophy, then they are welcome to join. We do not consider Hybrids as Lycans, unless that is how they identify themselves.

Q: What does the Syndicate do? 

A: The Syndicate co-exists in the rebuilding world, taking our place as law-abiding citizens. We have our own definition of law, however. We own businesses, provide discrete services, and exist in a well-organized manner. We let the outside see what we want them to see.


  "If there's a need, we will fill it. If you have a problem, we will make it disappear."

*** Family and Honor ***

OOC Details


The Syndicate is a Lycan majority multi-racial family. We try to balance RP with combat. We screen all of our prospective members equally before accepting them into the fold. The Syndicate provides a number of hierarchal levels to the organization, from the new Initiate all the way to the Alpha, also called Capo or Boss. There is a special place in the group for allies and supporters of our family. They are not official family members, but do have some of the benefits of the family – such as protection and contacts.

Syndicate goes out of its way to offer OOC/IC support and guide any through the process of acclimating within NoR. After learning about the different factions and showing interest in The Syndicate, prospective members must complete a number of tasks to prove their ability, desire, and creativity. 

As a social and business-conscious family, The Syndicate associates with Lycan packs, other factions, and rogues/loners within the community. Some are friendly, some not so friendly - as it should be. We tolerate their existence as they do ours and co-exist. We are NOT obligated to support other Lycans just because they are of same race. If they are not Syndicate, then we hold no obligation unless there is a good IC reason and/or a RP'ed signed alliance that has been negotiated. 

The Syndicate Hierarchy


Alpha/Boss-Capo/Ulfric – Family Leader

Beta/Sub-Boss – backup to Alpha

Enforcer/General/Bolverk – Strategic leader for battle

Medic – Specialty as a healer

Diplomat – Maker of peace and alliances with other groups

Associate – Full family member

Initiate – Trial member

Friend – Non-Family Ally

Special Ops – Special projects and wet-work


The Legend of the Ancients and the evolution of the Modern Lycan Protectorate


Thousands of years ago, in what is now known as France, a Lycan pack heard a loud caterwauling in the woods and came to a clearing to investigate.  A demon had a large sack of kits and was about to drown them as an offering to Satan. The Lycans took pity on the kits and drove the demon away freeing the kittens. The Lycans told the kittens that they would be there to protect them, should the demon strike again. The kits ran home in terror to rejoin their families.

Several years later, plague of canine parvovirus struck the lands and devastated Lycan packs. Most perished. However, one pack, was approached by a group of Nekos and was saved when the cats – immune to the disease - nursed them back to health. The Nekos were in fact the ones originally saved by the Lycans. Once the Lycans grew strong again, the Nekos asked if they could join the pack. The Alpha, after extended deliberation, decided to ‘adopt’ the Nekos.


As the plague continued to ravage the countryside, Humans thought the “evil spirits” that afflicted the Lycans might come for them, so they tried to dispel the evil by setting fire to the forests inhabited by the Lycans. The surviving blended Lycan family - were forced to flee from the flames into the adjoining countryside. Unfortunately, they inevitably had to pass through the territory of other Lycan packs and were ambushed by a much greater force. Thanks to the powers of their non-Lycan adoptees and the valor of the Lycans, the diverse pack managed to beat down the attackers. Over time, the surviving Lycan “super pack” grew and became written into legend simply as, “The Ancients”.

The Evolution of The Ancients into the Syndicate


The arrival of The Syndicate is hard to trace; the family is very secretive and tend not to keep historical records of their own. It is widely theorized that its seeds were planted in the upheaval of Sicily's transition out of feudalism in 1812 and its later annexation by mainland Italy in 1860. Under feudalism, the nobility owned most of the land and enforced law and order through their private armies.

After 1812, the feudal barons steadily sold off or rented their lands to private citizens. They also released their private armies to let the state take over the task of law enforcement. The authorities, however, were incapable of properly enforcing property rights and contracts, largely due to their inexperience with free market capitalism.

This opened up a great market for private enforcers and arbitrators, who offered their muscle and protection to the booming numbers of quarreling merchants and landowners. Farmers in the countryside had to hire guards to protect their assets from bandits. In towns plagued by renegades and thieves, the community hired groups of young predators to hunt them down and negotiate the return of stolen property. Those predators descended from the Ancients, and their group evolved into The Syndicate: a Protectorate, a “super pack”, a Family.


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