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XP Audit and Updates

We are noting several players with anomalies on their player sheets. Example a spike in levels/xp in an short window of time that is outside median but a lot.  So, we are conducting an audit of xp trends and admin commands.  If you have noticed anything "odd" please bring it to staff attention.


Have not been able to pull the deleted forum section from the backups.  Will set up the rest of the forums and migrate it back at a later date when I have time to sort through them.


Due to options we will have shortly in UCE we are going to be lowering XP ticks in all sims down to 1 or 2 soon.  Not sure what it will be at this time because we have  to factor in rolling out the xp alternatives and their relation to the static levels.  More to come.

Lower Ticks
morph lupindo (Registered) 2014-10-19 21:18:59

Ugh, it takes over a year to go from 35 to 36 with a 5 tick. I'm down to under two months before I level. How is all that going to balance out if you drop down to 1 or 2 ticks?
Re: Lower Ticks
Loona (Registered) 2014-10-23 02:11:52

Most likely there will be other ways to earn xp. PvP, PvE or (gasp) roleplay.
Johny Forster (Registered) 2015-07-10 10:26:04

I thought we could possibly bring the rem tick down to the same level as the rest, as keeping everyone huddled in one part of the sim seems unfair to all the work people have put into the others, like resonance, reliance and even evil.
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