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Roleplay Introduction

So, you are new to the Land of NoR and hear people talking about roleplay or RP, or maybe you have been in the Land of NoR for some time already and want to change your life from being a loner to a more socially accepted person.

One of the most important things that you need to know while being in the Land of NoR, is that this simple fact already means you are roleplaying. Your presence in the Land of NoR is part of a roleplay, just as people walk the streets in many cities around the world as you’re reading this.

‘Some roleplay’, I hear you thinking and you are right. The renowned roleplays people speak about weren’t created by many people just walking around, not even by a marathon. They were made because people actively participated.

Whatever you do, or don’t do, whatever you say, or don’t say, reflects on your personality in the Land of NoR and other players can and will respond to it, just as you have a response for that person in the corner that doesn’t talk to anyone at parties. Many people will ignore him or her, a few might try to go and talk.

So, there is never a ‘lack of RP’, it’s actually the level of roleplay that can be improved and this is about the same way you complain on your way back from a party where noone said a word, or were talking amongst themselves all the time. You did have a party; it just could have been a better one.

To make the Land of NoR a great place for roleplay, we need to get out and socialize (this does not necessarily mean being nice), interact and try, just try. So how do we raise our level of roleplay? First we need to define ourselves. Who are we and what are our goals? This is truly one of the nicest things of roleplay; you can decide to play a character that is different in every way from your true self. But maybe you just like to play the way you are for real and that is just as cool.

My main point however is to give this whole “defining of yourselves” some time. You already started this by chosing your race and class. As you can imagine an encounter with a Demon DPS is quite something else as meeting an Angel healer. And try to write it down, maybe put it in your profile picks even. Once you’ve decided you want to play the asshole, the bitch, the schizo or the submissive kitten, all kinds of stories will unfold and others will notice your roleplay and start to respond to it.

Let’s say you defined yourself as the bitch that tries to seduce engaged men into her bed (or streetcorner for that matter). You can then go out and try to satisfy your needs. To do this, you can simply walk up to a man that is with a woman and do something like this:

Jayden Trickster: Hey Dean, do you want to fuck me?

While some people might like this direct way of approach, you can try to put some more effort in it by describing what you do, what you think even. This way, you might prevent the following answer which immediately ends your roleplay:

Dean Singer: No

See how this looks:

Jayden Trickster walks close to Dean and Lisa and while passing them smiles seductively at Dean "hi there..."

Jayden Trickster stands still, turns around and puts her right hand on her hip, smiling at Dean some more "weren’t you at the pole jumping contest last month? Some friends told me you were there... I'm sorry I missed you, maybe we can go pole jumping someday?" *runs her tongue over her lips*

Now, I won’t promise Dean replies any different this time, but chances are either he or Lisa will respond appropriately.

At times you might even see people roleplaying like this:

Jayden notices Maggie standing in the group in front of her and raises her eyebrow while taking her sunglasses off and taking a deep breath while she feels her heartbeat increasing. Trying to decide whether or not she needs to pull out her shotgun she takes a slight step back, unbuttoning her holster...

As you can see, nothing really happens here. What Jayden has done however, is inform Maggie - and the others - about the fact that there are visible changes in the way she behaves to which Maggie and others can respond if they want to. Maybe some people will see Jayden taking that step back, or notice that she looks stressed and ask her if she's okay.

The use of names, which you IC might not even know, is a good way to engage other people into your roleplay. A simple line like this:

Jayden Trickster looks at Castiel Cherub

just does that.

I hear you thinking “Oh sure, it’s great to roleplay and all, but why should I try to seduce a man with a level 40 partner? She would kill me in a second.” It’s true she can and therefore you might feel more at ease roleplaying with people from your own level, but remember that levels are really OOC, so in your roleplay you don’t know she is stronger than you. And if it turns out she is, you remember that and next time you won’t try that shit again with her. That’s how it works.

And of course people might draw a weapon on you in the midst of your roleplay. Maybe you have just started and already you have enough bullets in your body to draw all magnets in the Land of NoR to you. Yes, that is sad and I’m sorry for you; you gave it a try and before you were able to play the story out, you are dead. Maybe the one defeating you just walks away as well, or spits on you before doing that and again you think ‘some roleplay’.

It happens. Think of the Land of NoR like the hood you end up when you take the wrong exit at the highway; while politely asking for directions you might find the barrel of a gun pressing at your throat as well.

But believe me; many, and I do mean many, people in the Land of NoR appreciate a nice roleplay and would like to have more themselves as well. So pick a day, any day, and decide on that day, you will try to RP with anyone you meet. I promise you; you will have a great day.

Roleplay Menu

Land Of NoR RolePlay

When you're new to Roleplay, or when you need some more ideas for it, this section could be usefull for you. While we like to Roleplay in the Land of NoR, after all; that is what LoN is about, we dont expect it to a certain standard.

Everyone should play what they are comfortable with. Whether you like to put a lot of emoting into your roleplay, or just stick to spoken text; all is fine, nothing is demanded from you.

Your fellow NoRians are more than willing to either help you with questions or to roleplay with you. We also have OOC meetings to discuss this, next to the Forums. The website of the Land of NoR provides information as well and players post their roleplays there as well, which you can read for your reference.

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