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Basic Roleplay

The Land of NoR is a combat/RP (role play) SIM. Which means when people come here and interact they are doing so IC (in Character). Everything you say in Local Chat is assumed to be IC unless it is said in brackets.

IC - (In Character)

This is the Character you play whist in the Land of NoR, whether it's a Human, a Vampire or an Elf it really does help to put a little thought into it's 'Back Story'. Which is how and why your character came to be here. Maybe you were kidnapped by aliens and dropped from the sky? Maybe you just went for a walk and ended up here?

Whatever it is, having that back story is a helpful role play tool and gives you an immediate source to draw on when you have somethign to say, or are asked questions, i.e

Jayden woke up one day, surrounded by light. Strange creatures all around her looking her over. Until then she had been a normal waitress in a pancake house, but tonight would change her life. Whisked through night sky, past endless stars and stolen from the people she loved before she was injected with something, forcing her to fall asleep. Now, she wakes up here, confused and seeking safety in numbers.

That is a very basic back story, but it gives you something work on when imagining how you would react to meeting a vampire for the first time.


The devil is in the detail, and it really is in RP. For instance when you have defeated someone, you could capture them. Perhaps you want answers from them, or perhaps you're just a very angry person who wants to inflict pain on others. Either way, when it comes to tying them up to drag them off as in any other part of rp it is important you feed the other player details. Not only does it make the experience richer for the other player, it makes you harder to thwart.

This isn't a real world, we have powers and the ability to become whatever we want. But there are still certain limits we should try and stick to. Unless you are a magician or have some magical ability, you shouldn't be able to simply make a chair appear and beat someone with it. When you are 'Defeated', you are beaten into a semi-conscious stupour, you should not be able yell at the top of your lungs, suddenly be able to fight with full ability. You should feel pain, unless you're playing a robot. Try not to 'God Mode', this is what happens when you REFUSE to let anything happen to you, because you're so brilliant and nothing can ever touch you, or hurt you, or affect you. If nothing ever happens to you, your role play will become boring very quickly and other players will not want to interact with you, try and flow with the rp. A little give and take is all it requires, you would want someone to respond to your actions, so give other players the same courtesy.


Actions, are often referred to as 'emotes'. Which is a response a person does, rather than says. To get rid of the colons at the begining of a post and to change it from something you're saying, to something you're doing type /me at the begining.


Dean Singer: Hello, how are you?
Dean Singer waves to say hello

The first is something that's been said, the second is an action, hence there are no colons.

OOC- Out of character

This is speaking as yourself, the player, the person sat at the computer.

Anything said in IM (Instant Message) is assumed OOC, unless you start the message with something that is clearly indicating an IC conversation.

for instance:
*{ -IC- Whispers into their Cell phone}*
this way the one(s) you contact know what you're saying is meant to be IC. In any other circumstances what you say in IM is considerred OOC, OOC insults are not allowed and you will be punished for being aggressive, insulting or swearing at someone in this mode of address.

To make anything you say OOC in local chat you simply type /99 and then what you say will come up in brackets.


Dean Singer: Please say that in Brackets.
:: Jayden Trickster :: ((Ok. I am Sorry))


Mixing IC and OOC is a VERY bad habit, and one that is strongly adviced to avoid slipping into. If someone's character has upset your character, you have to remember to stay removed from the situation as the player. The character is not the same as the player, they may play a terrible Transylvanian count, bent on spilling rivers of blood. But OOC if you talk to them they're actually very funny and sweet.

Things you say OOC affect, and can hurt other players, just keep in mind how it would feel if it was done to you.

If you have any other questions please contact any member of staff.

Roleplay Menu

Land Of NoR RolePlay

When you're new to Roleplay, or when you need some more ideas for it, this section could be usefull for you. While we like to Roleplay in the Land of NoR, after all; that is what LoN is about, we dont expect it to a certain standard.

Everyone should play what they are comfortable with. Whether you like to put a lot of emoting into your roleplay, or just stick to spoken text; all is fine, nothing is demanded from you.

Your fellow NoRians are more than willing to either help you with questions or to roleplay with you. We also have OOC meetings to discuss this, next to the Forums. The website of the Land of NoR provides information as well and players post their roleplays there as well, which you can read for your reference.

The Land of NoR uses UCE

The UintyCore Engine is used in The Land of NoR.

UCE is a feature-rich roleplay & combat system like no other. You can use this system in the Lands of NoR to engage in epic battles!

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