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Roleplay 3: Interacting with others and dealing with the anti-roleplayer

Now you know a little more about roleplaying, and you might even have practiced it a bit. However, it will do you little good if you do not have an accepting group of friends that also roleplay along with you. This is the most important part of it all, what good is having a well developed character if you have no friends to interact with. This is crucial to your character's development as well. Within the Land of NoR there are several factions that can be found, and each one has their own "personalities."

Find the roleplayers in the factions of the Land of NoR, and learn where they usually meet, as having a consistant meeting place is important too.

Another very important thing to know is how to deal with 'offensive' players, those players that deliberately insult you to start a fight, or just for their own sadistic pleasure. I personally have a high tolerance for offensive players, but many players do not, and I will try to list here on ways to deal with them.
  • Every Roleplayer will eventually get a cocky remark like this: "Speak modern english you nerd, because this is modern times" or "Why U talk so stupid" or something to the effect that they do not like to deal with a roleplaying individual, and they think everyone should just act like they way they really are. These remark can be discouraging to the aspiring roleplayer, but have faith. This kind of mentality is expected. Usually if you keep roleplaying to these types they will eventually go away frusterated. "Oh man, I can't talk 2 u n e more."
  • Then there is the truly offensive players that seriously try to hurt your feelings, or try to stir up negative emotions. If they break the rules we use in the Land of NoR, then report them to the proper authority which can be found on the Land of NoR website, or call for an administrator. By being in the Land of NoR, you comply to the use of chatlogs, so keep a log of the offence with you, should an Admin need it.
  • If it is not this serious, then simply walk away from the individual, or put the offending player on your mute list. Just Remember, never stoop to their level and retort by saying similar things to them. True roleplayers ignore these immature people and it is always the best thing to do. Chances are, they will stop if you ignore them because usually they are trying only to ger rises out of people. These people are usually young males who get their "jollies" of making fun of people in fornt of the computer screen. Sad, but for the most part true. Keep your cool and stay in character.
  • Combat Junkies: Nearly impossible to interact or roleplay with (close to grievers). They usually travel in packs, and are very experienced in player vs player combat. Roleplayers usually spend more time interacting with their friends and are not very experienced in combat. A friend of mine compared the mentality of Combat Junkies to the aliens in the film Mars Attacks. They do not negotiate, they shoot first and ask questions later, literally.

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When you're new to Roleplay, or when you need some more ideas for it, this section could be usefull for you. While we like to Roleplay in the Land of NoR, after all; that is what LoN is about, we dont expect it to a certain standard.

Everyone should play what they are comfortable with. Whether you like to put a lot of emoting into your roleplay, or just stick to spoken text; all is fine, nothing is demanded from you.

Your fellow NoRians are more than willing to either help you with questions or to roleplay with you. We also have OOC meetings to discuss this, next to the Forums. The website of the Land of NoR provides information as well and players post their roleplays there as well, which you can read for your reference.

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UCE is a feature-rich roleplay & combat system like no other. You can use this system in the Lands of NoR to engage in epic battles!

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