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Roleplay 2: Personality

For the advanced Roleplayers.

Now that you've completed the first chapter and stopped real world and internet speak, you can start developing a real personality for your character. Practice one day on a very simple thing, like pretending your character has a minor speech impediment. These can be, but not limited to the following:

  • A lisp
  • Can't say R's quite right.( e.g. Elmer Fudd )
  • Stuttering
  • Can't say H's quite right. ("Come 'ere you! ")

Or a certain type of attitude (again, only a short list):

  • A solitude demeanor
  • Very friendly and out going
  • Quiet, or doesn't speak much
  • Drunken Dwarf (always fun)
  • Doesn't trust very many people

If you like pretending to have a speech impediment or potraying and exagerating a certain characteristic, then maybe roleplaying is for you after all.

Write down on a piece of paper some things that your character's personality might be like.

  • How you were born.
  • Environment that your character was raised in. (city, slum, hood, pack, etc..)
  • Number of siblings and what sex they were, (possibly even names.) twins might be interesting.
  • General disposition. (angry, nice guy, rude, shy, dull, crazy.)
  • Quirks. (phobia's, inanities... etc.)
  • Alignment. (whether your character is good, bad, neutral, or selfish)
  • Obsessions (good or bad.)
  • View's on magic (whether character shuns magic or is wary or welcomes it.)
  • Hatred towards ... (pick something) maybe your character hates neko's, or healers, or Rejects.

Just write stuff down, develop your character, get to know how to become them. If you want to generate a list and roll dice to randomly generate a character then all the more power to you!

Also, once you've written these things down, start to apply what you've written into your gameplay. For example, a character named, say Jayden Trickster, is a lycanthrope who was born in another world. She lost her mother at birth, never knew her father. Jayden’s personality could be discribed as a basically nice, but has a short fuse (she gets angry or upset easy). She does have a quirk, she is traumatized by the loss of her mother. I would describe her alignment as probably a scrupulous good. Which means, Jayden will disobey the written law if she believes that it is right. She used to have a deathly fear of magic, but her friends in the Land of NoR has seen her through her fear, and have even gotten her to start using it. Jayden hates demons, and will not go no where near them. Jayden is indifferent about any rules, but she takes Justice as her principle and Honesty as her virtue.

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Land Of NoR RolePlay

When you're new to Roleplay, or when you need some more ideas for it, this section could be usefull for you. While we like to Roleplay in the Land of NoR, after all; that is what LoN is about, we dont expect it to a certain standard.

Everyone should play what they are comfortable with. Whether you like to put a lot of emoting into your roleplay, or just stick to spoken text; all is fine, nothing is demanded from you.

Your fellow NoRians are more than willing to either help you with questions or to roleplay with you. We also have OOC meetings to discuss this, next to the Forums. The website of the Land of NoR provides information as well and players post their roleplays there as well, which you can read for your reference.

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