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Roleplay 1: First Steps

The first step in the wonders of Roleplaying is to get past Newbieness.

  • Learn how to do as much as you can, so you are not always asking other players "how to" questions. Visit the Land of NoR website ( often to learn changes in the game that might affect the way you play. If you cannot find your answers there, try to stay in character when asking other people.
  • Get the feel of the game overall, fight a few battles, die a few times, talk to some people, play around with the macros (if available), and learn how to use them effectively. Learning on your own is the best way to learn. It's more rewarding and sticks with you longer.
  • While you are still a "newbie", try talking to people without discussing technical questions, bugs, lag or even discussing skills and class leveling. Keep your character to yourself, don't let anyone know how good / bad you are. Apart from what they can see don't let anyone in. It's just not good roleplaying. Don't let anyone know what your skill levels are. It gets annoying pretty quickly to see people saying in town "I WILL KICK UR ASS HAHAH KTHNXLOL1!!". It would be better to say (if you were an arrogant warlord), "I am the greatest fighter in the Land of NoR, all of you would be wise to stay out of my way, for you won't survive if you take me on in battle."
  • Try to kill the internet lingo as much as possible. e.g.. the smiley faces, :) :( ,etc.. LOL.. brb.
    • However in times of crisis, and battle, you do not want to take the time to type out "be right back" when one's life is at stake. So shorthand does have it's place in the Land of NoR. You should never actually try to roleplay in situations where you simply can not. If you are alone, in a battle, exploring the lands, or other hard to roleplay situations: don't. You'll probably get yourself captured. Roleplaying is like the icing on the cake, use it to your advantage for fun.
  • use emote messages instead * like this* (e.g. * smiles *, * burps* ,etc.... )

If you can do this for one hour or so, you have hereby graduated past newbie, and you are ready to go on to bigger and better Roleplaying techniques.

Why should we role play anyway?

The only reason anyone should roleplay is to have fun. The Land of NoR is a game after all, and we play games to have fun. If you aren't having fun roleplaying then you shouldn't do it. But the bottom line is roleplaying is a way for you to develop your own character and a personality that is not your own. The internet completely allows you to screen your true personality from others. Use the anonymous nature of the internet to your advantage. This is part of roleplaying.


Roleplay Menu

Roleplay 101

Land Of NoR RolePlay

When you're new to Roleplay, or when you need some more ideas for it, this section could be usefull for you. While we like to Roleplay in the Land of NoR, after all; that is what LoN is about, we dont expect it to a certain standard.

Everyone should play what they are comfortable with. Whether you like to put a lot of emoting into your roleplay, or just stick to spoken text; all is fine, nothing is demanded from you.

Your fellow NoRians are more than willing to either help you with questions or to roleplay with you. We also have OOC meetings to discuss this, next to the Forums. The website of the Land of NoR provides information as well and players post their roleplays there as well, which you can read for your reference.

The Land of NoR uses UCE

The UintyCore Engine is used in The Land of NoR.

UCE is a feature-rich roleplay & combat system like no other. You can use this system in the Lands of NoR to engage in epic battles!

We enjoy our Second Life!

Second Life is a free online virtual world imagined and created by its Residents. From the moment you enter Second Life, you'll discover a fast-growing digital world filled with people, entertainment, experiences and opportunity.

More information

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