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Issue Resolution with NoR Staff

  1. Know the NoR Rules And Regulations. This *includes* joining "The Lands Of NoR (NoRSIM)" group and keeping up with notices.
  2. Know the Staff List at All Staff can be distinguished by the display of "ADMIN" over their UCE Meter. This does NOT mean, however, that Staff are acting as such when they are RPing. Knowing who Staff are will only help your game play in NoR, when needing assistance or questioning who they are upon contact. Again, please know the Staff members.
  3. Do not IM a Staff member directly with an issue unless they ask you to do so.
  4. When requesting assistance, When you require Admin assistance, please type /9gmhelp in chat to request admin assistance or use the GM tab of the UCE HUD. The Lands of NoR (NORSIM) group is for Admins and other NoR staff to deal with problems. Please do not use it for chat or to answer questions that are directed to Staff or Admins. Use the NoR Chatterbugs (NoRSim) Group for chat. You may contact Admins directly, but you may be asked to request an Admin using /9gmhelp.
    1. DO NOT argue about the situation in Group chat. Requests for Admins DO NOT need commentary or debate from anyone. Wait to provide your side or information for when the Admin responds, via on scene or IMs.
  5. If you disagree with a Staff ruling, do not argue with them; it will only complicate matters and not help your cause. There is an appeal mechanism under "Repent & You shall be saved (Appeal punishment)" on the Land of NoR website ( We *all* review appeals. We *all* weigh in privately. We *all* lose interest in cutting people a break if a player was rude to one of our colleagues.
  6. Staff time is scarce, so please read carefully. Respond quickly. The sooner your issue is resolved, the sooner Staff can move on. The longer it takes, the more likely you will have Staff become terse, because 10 other people and issues need their time.
  7. When Staff respond to a call, *ONLY* respond to inquiries on the situation, if asked. Combat and heals within 20 meters must stop. RP stops. The sooner we're done, the sooner we're out of the way. The responding Staff member will *ask* for comments.
  8. Trust The System. Staff review each other's work on a moment by moment basis. There are Staff scattered among the factions and races. Staff are chosen carefully with consultation among others. The system is designed to limit the risk of bias and various checks and balances are in place. If you think a Staff members has made a bad call, appeal it. Accusations of bias will undermine your complaint and may result in punishment.
  9. Deliver logs when requested. Do NOT edit. Do not hand the responding Admin a pile of stuff unreported for hours. Name your notecards; "New Note" is unhelpful.
  10. Try to put yourselves in our shoes and understand we are working as hard as we can to make the game better. Try to *befriend* your IC enemies OOC and *work together* for compromise so you don't even need us.

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The Game Guide is exactly that; your guide to our game in the Land of NoR. With the info you will find here, you make sure you know everything you need to make your stay in the Land of NoR an exciting one. For you, and for your fellow NoRians.

We work hard to keep the information in the Game Guide relevant and up-to-date. If you have a suggestion or if something in the rules is unclear to you, you can either contact a member of Land of NoR staff (a mentor, or an admin) or you can go to our forums and post there.

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