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Note: The Encyclopedia NoRannica is being updated constantly from existing works and through the evolution of the Land Of NoR. Please stop back often to look for both historical updates and additions from game history.



  • Angeliques ™ (Angels):
Angels seem to be as diverse in characteristics, personalities and agendas as are Terrans (similar qualities are also found in the Demonomika). Unlike lore, the Angels were not necessarily the protectors of humanity but rather most are warriors of the Armageddon. Early in the Pogrom (See Pogrom), the Angels took little notice of humanity apart from those humans they deemed corrupted, that status often had fatal consequences.
Politics: Divisions mostly dubbed “Choirs” started to be noted which seemed centered around different functions or beliefs. No evidence to date indicates any hostility between these groups. Initially, the Angels expressed no interest in the world they had invaded, however, since the War has lulled they have found a new weapon: Politics.
Known Choirs: Dominion, Sentinels.
  • Anno Armadon (AA):
Latin for "In the Year of Armageddon", applied to years in the Julian and Gregorian calendars proceeding the beginnings of the War. Due to the chaos of the War, the previous calendar year was lost. Assuming no calendar switch to A.A. educated estimates place the year between 2075 & 2100 A.D. Note: No matter how accurate these estimates, there are a period of years that will never be accounted for in the transition from A.D. to A.A. because of the turmoil resulting from the War as well as the chaos the reconstruction.


  • The Bo
A group within the angel ranks that populate many different choirs but with the unifying ideology that the means to win the war with the demons is to purge the corruptible races. Meaning any any race that is not Angel. Taking the name of the Angel that first presented the concept they work covertly and overtly in an attempt to bring about this result.


  • Carpathia:
A vampire nation that imposed itself on several weakened countries of the European Union following the start of the War and once hostilities stopped they were too entrenched to remove without a great deal of blood shed. Taking its name for the Carpathian Mountains the nation consists of several former countries of Eastern Europe which are now states of the nation: (Former Country/New State Name) Romania/Carpaţi; Poland/Karpaty, Czech Republic and Slovakia/Karpazy.
Carpathia existence is a source of tension for the former European Union & other neighboring countries not only because they hold dominion over a large human population but also because of Carpathian claims on several other nations including the Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Serbia and Hungary. An expansionist goal they actively pursue covertly with the threat of invasion barely hidden behind assurances they only want peace.
  • Choir:
A term used to identify the various groupings within the Angeliques. Somewhat analogous to a universal name for military divisions like regiment or brigade but not confined strictly to fighting units.
  • Citadel Corp.: [No Data]
  • City Deep:
The name given for vast bunker located below the Plex which served as a refuge for many of the humans in the region during the height of the War. Prior to an accidental discovery, no one from the Plex knew of its existence. Suspected to be a military complex of some sort due to its size and stores, the fact is no one really knows who is behind its construction or how such an extensive build was done under a major city without someone noticing. This bunker is a city unto itself in size, carved into the granite and reinforced heavily it was clearly built to withstand a war. Many of the areas are inaccessible due to heavy airlocks or inexplicable, considering the fortification, collapses. Experts, factoring in the architecture of City Deep and that it has its own train station that connects with the surface as well as continuing into inaccessible regions, estimate it to be massive and may range for miles below the inhabited areas.


  • Demonomika ™ (Demons):
Believed to be the first races to come through the portals at a time before they we strong enough to be detected. At first, they went undetected in the world so they could consolidate their foothold while working on subverting allies to fight their war with the Angels (see Angeliques). It was not until the very public appearance of the Angels, who actively hunted the demons & their corrupted allies, that their presence in the world was confirmed.
Demons seem to be as diverse in characteristics, personalities and agendas as are Terrans (similar to those found in the Angeliques). No religion’s or philosophy’s view on demons has been deemed right or wrong. In fact, some argue that they often reflect the nature and characteristics of whatever the belief system of the culture they are infiltrating. Demons are not of one mind, one race. They seemed to split on their own ideological ideal (Unknown at this time what these ideals are) and have been known to fight amongst themselves. However, the overall drive in the conflict with the Angel is a unifying factor among these subgroups.
  • Drowin:
Race name for the more commonly known "Drow." Secretive and powerful they are suspected to hold sway behind the scenes rarely acting overtly with something so unsubtle as open warfare. Physically they bear a close resemblance to elfin apart from skin and hair color. This resemblance hints at a common ancestry.


  • Elfin:
Egnigmatic race that bears too striking of a resemblance to elves of lore not to be its origin. Appearing in the world well after the Demons and Angels they have carved their own territories. Physically they bear a close resemblance to drowin apart from skin and hair color. This resemblence hints at a common ancestry.


  • Faithful
A common colloquialism used for humans that have awakened supernatural abilities and powers since the War began. Superhuman phenomena had been well documented before the War like a father lifting a car off a trap child or a "psychic" helping police find a murder victim. However, these events were statistically rare to the point of being dismissed as something more mundane but since the War the number of people demonstrating magic like powers increased exponentially in number and capability. The religious have deemed this awakening as faith in god being reasserted and thus the name "faithful." Another explanation offered by some is that the powers are innate to Terrans but generations of social and biological programming through witch hunts have forced there to be mental blocks. The fundamental shock of the War broke that barrier in many. No conclusive evidence has surfaced to prove either, if any, explanation is correct.



  • Holy Byzantine Empire ™:
Name for the splinter faction of the Catholic religion that split from the Vatican. Open and hostile rivals to the Catholic church even their name was taken in mockery of the "Holy Roman Empire." It's capital is located in Constantinople, formerly Istanbul, Turkey. The split with the Catholic Church occurred due to a fundamental shift in ideology. The Byzantine Empire believed in a more hard line view on imposing religious mandate akin to the Spanish Inquisition. Among their beliefs is that non-terran races need to be removed from the Holy Land (all the lands of N'or). Nocturnals and other undead are to be eradicated according to their doctrine. In addition, they also adopted many aspects of the Muslim religion including requiring women to be covered from head to toe and a similar form of Sharia Law.
  • Holy Lands:
In most cases, refers to the birth place of the Christian/Catholic, Muslim & Jewish religions in the Middle East.
  • Holy Land Paradox: As the War cooled and information on what had occurred during it started being received an anomaly was noted. Focus points of religion belief were left strangely untouched. Jerusalem (Isreal), the Vatican (Rome/Italy), Mecca (Saudi Arabia) and a list of others all stood unmolested as the Angels and Demons wagged their war. These religious centers have no common thread, they span the world's major religions. The stronger the religious focus the greater a radius of inexplicable safety. Smaller institutions like local houses of worship seemed to offer no such protection, in fact, quite the opposite becoming the center of many climatic battles in some cases.
  • Homo Sapien: (See Terran)


  • Inceptia
A myth of the vampire progenitor(s). All known vampires were sired by another vampire no matter how ancient they are. Logic dictates that their must be a source or sources. Whether Vampires are an evolutionary split or the result of a virus the must be an origin, a patient zero as it were, and this would be the Inceptia. No records or even whispers exist regarding the Inceptia.
  • An insect species that appears to go through common life cycles and organization of many species in N'or. However, this species is considerably larger well in excess of theorized exoskeleton limitations. The exoskeleton provides excellent resistance to mundane weaponry as well as magic. The species does not appear to have sentience and much of its responses appear instinctive.

Apart from their size, and proportionate increase in strength, the species is unremarkable with two exceptions. First, they have an ability to wield a single type of magic equating to a fire attack. Second, they appear to be able to travel from another location by unknown method has been dubbed "phasing." Study has been difficult due to the inability to predict when and where a phasing will take place. However, it has been noted that particles simply appear or disappear from their location. Phasing seems to be an innate ability of the species but can be block with enough damage.



  • Kal' Lycanis:
General: This is the flesh and fur race that became the legends of the werewolves. Unlike the legend these creatures are fully cognizant and even articulate but capable of fury beyond the frightening of whispered stories of old. Lycans, as they are now more commonly referred to, are brutal and resilient fighters. Speed combined with immense strength and fast regeneration rate make them difficult for even the most powerful to take down. Yet, certain metals act like a neuro-toxin in their systems and relatively small amounts are capable of being fatal.
Physical: Lycans tend to be large and a full 2 meter is average for this race. It is important to note that to date this is the only known race that has truly demonstrated the ability to morph from one form to another. Other races use illusions or other morph-like abilities to give the appearance of shape shifting. In human form there is no known way to detect their dual nature. It is speculated that some races can "smell the lycan on them" but no real evidence of this has been shown and considering even on a genetic level human-form lycans are identical to humans the smell test is dubious.
Politics: Similar to wolves they do run in packs and have comparable hierarchies. They have shown little direct interest in the politics of the world around them. They stake out their territory and defend it terrifying ferocity.
Background: Their history is murky. Disappearing from history roughly about the time the vampires did many wonder what happened to the lycans. Known lycans are themselves unsure as they "turned" relatively recently and no "ancient" lycans have been found to ask. Rumors abound but none are with substantiation. Some say the ancient lycans were hired by vampires to protect their centuries of sleep and reemerged as that task was complete. Others say the race died off but somehow has reemerged. Others still say lycans were secretly conscripted into old world armed forces which used them as a covert weapon. One thing is for sure: The lycans are here and no one is holding the leash.


  • Lycan: See Kal' Lycanis
  • Legion
General: One of the many groups of demons that have entered the world of humanity. It is unknown what separates the Legion from other demon groups, whether military, political, idealogical or other. The Legion's history has been remarkably active even from their inception in this world. It supplanted a now forgotten and presumed destroyed or absorbed demon group. There are confirmed reports of a major power struggle with another unknown demon group. While short the conflict was intense with the unknown demon group being defeated to the point it could no longer exercise power in the region.
Structure: The only recorded hierarchy is the leader which is referred to as "The Tyrant."
Politics: Their actions to date indicate an agenda they are aggressively persuing but what that is has yet to be determined.
  • Lost Tribe(s):
The title has been applied to many in different groups through history that have disappeared without trace nor logical explanation. Israelites; Mayans; Roanoke (colonial) among others have been listed as "lost."


  • Machinima
Humans that have embraced the religion of machines. These humans have augmented themselves with varying degrees of cybernetic and nano-technological enhancement to mimic many of the "magical" and physical abilities of other races.
With advances in artificial technology some researchers have queried if man can be put into machine can machine be put into man. Top artificial intelligence theorist, Ol'ga Rostov, claims to have proved... [Classified]
  • Mythics
Since the War began many long thought mythical races have stepped through the portals. Mythics is the catchall name for the races that have slipped into the Terran world but in smaller numbers and less documentation. While some races have made their presence obvious, others are being very covert about their existence and their intentions.


  • Neko: See N'komusume
  • N'komusume
On the surface this race appears to varying degrees to be a cross between humans and felines. Sexual, enigmatic, playful and aloof are common traits in this race. The first appearance of this race was in Japan shortly before the first detection of a portal but quickly spotted in cities across the globe thereafter. It is unclear if their origin is tied to an undetected portal or some other explanation. As a race they appear to take no end of enjoyment at the frustration over the question of their origin, often playing with the curious like they would a mouse on the topic.

Not known to fall into governmental or militaristic organization types. They tend to blend into the society of an area they inhabit, taking on the traits that interest them and leaving the rest. Appear to see regions more as territories then a city, state, precinct, and so on. They are seen to both congregate together and be loners depending on the individual. Territories would appear to be open to others as long as the dominant N'komusume is respected.

Politics: Neutral (Perhaps more accurately put, uninterested). Natural Enemy: Unknown/ Also known as: Nekos. Related: Nekogami

  • Nocturnal: See Vampire
  • Nekogame: The name of a rumored organized fighting force for the N'komusume. No confirmation exists for this group and if they do exist they train, operate and exist covertly with great success.



  • The Plex:
Street term for the megaplex, a medium sized city and population center prior to the War. Having some unknown strategic value particular attention was paid to this location by most races. When the War cooled each race made sure to have a base of operations near the Plex. The city, structurally, survived the War virtually unscathed but centralized governance on the micro and macro levels collapsed. In its place a strange balance of power between multiple groups and races has arisen. No one group, neither a race or an organization, has been powerful enough to impose sufficient will on the others to create a centralized government. The law of the day is whoever has the upper hand at that moment.
(The Plex is located on the Remembrance sim.)
  • The Pogrom™:
The name for the early days of the war where the Angels attempted to purge the world of demons and their corrupted human allies. Particularly merciless and brutal it left the many wondering if the Angels were any better then the demons. Technically speaking the Pogrom is still going on but since the Eve of Atom (See Eve Of Atom) it has moved from genocidal levels to "examples."
  • Portals:
Physicists call the phenomena that brought Angels, Demons and many others back into the world of humanity the Einstein-Rosen bridge. The theory goes that these bridges open between dimensions in the same time space. There is some debate that it must be something else because they are also believed to collapse instantly but scientific inquiry quickly fell as the War ensued. Regardless, the fact remains these new races have come and all signs point to a parallel earth or dimension. Also known as: Rifts; Gates; Pathways; Rips.



  • Revenants: More to come

  • Rejects
At it's inception, the Rejects were most comparable to a neighborhood gang with the goal of protecting humans to fight off encroachment by other races in the Plex. As time passed their ranks swelled to encompass the discontented of all races. Now they mostly exist as a bane to other organizations of all varieties. They are fiercely loyal to one another and actively hostile to other groups. Walking through territory controlled by the Rejects is considered to be ill advised unless you have permission or a guide. Rumored their name is derived from some obscure pre-War movie.
Politics: The early politics of the rejects are unknown beyond self preservation. Modern Reject political agenda can only be classified as anarchist nihilist. They remain the single largest block on any centralized government forming and actively peruse maintaining the chaotic status quo.


  • Sin's Eye
Sin's Eye is a bar that opened up in one of the many storage rooms in City Deep, while human refugees rode out the worst times of the War.
Serving home brewed concoctions from whatever was available, being just short of causing madness or blindness, it was worthy of the name "Moonshine." Once the humans returned to the surface, Sin's Eye remained in City Deep, stocking more conventional, and less lethal, alcohol brands as well as others, catering to the new races in the Plex.
The bar owner is known as Myst. Interestingly enough, she herself is a vampire and managed to hide this fact for the entire time City Deep was a refuge. Since then, she has shown her fangs proudly. Myst has declared Sin's Eye a neutral zone and safe haven, at least from unorganized events of violence.
  • Sire
Noun: A vampire term for the vampire that "fathered" or "mothered" a new vampire ushering them in their undead life.
Verb: The act of converting a new vampire known as the initiate. The ceremonial rituals vary according to clan but all that is required is an exchange of blood. There is a failure rate in these conversion which leads to the initiate's true death but statistics on this rate are unavailable.
  • Sour Milk
The street name for a milky white substance which has appeared designed specifically as a weapon against the N'komusume (Neko). Harmless to other races this substance interacts detrimentally on the Neko nervous system. The substance's origin or composition is as yet unknown outside whoever is manufacturing it.
  • Sanguintium™
A loose coalition of vampire clans in North America coming together to establish territories, guidelines and so on in an effort to avoid conflicts. There are rumors the Sanguintium extends well beyond North America but none have been confirmed and due to the adhoc nature of the organization it is unlikely.


  • Terran:
The generally accepted categorization for the homo sapien race and occupiers of this world. Prior to the War of the Armageddon terrans had were involved in, ironically enough, multiple religious based wars. In addition to these conflict ethnocentric xenophobia increased leading to internal conflicts. Despite seeing themselves, for the first time, as one race, Terrans still manage to fall into old habits including fighting among themselves.
After the War the terrans split mostly into two separate groups: First, those that found themselves capable of near magical abilities many attributed to the solidification of religious faith in face of Angels and Demons (see Faithful). The other majority group put their faith in machines implanting themselves with the latest innovations of technology (see Machinima). Some frictions have appeared between these two groups.


  • Underworld
Term still used to refer to the world of crime, quite despite the reality that there is in fact an underworld and its denizens walk the earth.


  • Vampires (homonis-nocturnis):
Sometimes mistaken for a separate race, vampires are merely humans infected with a virus that alters them on a fundamental level. Analysis of the virus itself indicates some structure like Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) suggesting some common point. Some more radical geneticists have claimed that vampires are actually a recent, in terms of evolution, split in humans becoming 2 distinct species. The virus that allows transmission from a vampire to human is merely a coincidence and all that is occurring is imposing of the vampire’s genetic pattern onto its victim. This has largely been dismissed as impossible due to the radical mutation that would be required in a comparatively short period of time.
Despite a wealth of lore and folktales vampires disappeared into legend sometime during the Crusades. There are unconfirmed reports of vampire activity being detected before The War (See War Of The Armageddon) but confirmed reports only surfaced afterwards. Their enhanced speed and strength are offset to extreme allergies. After resurfacing they offered masses of disenchanted humans promises of immortality and power to match that of the demons and angels that ravaged the land. Some vampires brought back the “old ways” and even erecting castles built by human vassals and thralls hoping to impress their new masters. Others still set themselves up as gods to be worshiped.
The common belief is that Vampires are truly the undead and have no souls. However, there is a competing argument that suggest vampire’s do indeed have a soul or maybe a fragment of one. “A rock has no soul” is the logic behind this belief.
  • VOR
General: The earliest vampire nest in the Plex. Founded by an ancient line of vampire they converted new members to fill their ranks. VOR entered the Plex at the height of the power vacuum created by the War. Organized along feudal lines and with a veritable army their dominance was total over the Plex with even the fledgling demon and angels factions falling under their might.
VOR's reign eventually spawned a bizarre alliance between humans, angels and demons (See Rejects and Dominion). The new alliance was still outnumbered but committed and a guerrilla war ensued. Over a course of a year the balance of power had shifted and the VOR spending most of their time holed up within their fortress surviving off vassals. Hostilities died to a low roar mostly consisting of a hail of bullets for any VOR member foolish enough to walk by a window, both sides unwilling to fight the other on their own turf.
This change in power led to a division within VOR on how to respond (Vetala & Hunters). One side wanting to negotiate a peace while the other wanting total war. A pivotal moment occurred when dignitary from another vampire clan visited Vor each side of the division hoping it would serve its purposes. The Vatela hoping to show the alliance that VOR had allies as well and it would be wise to seek peace. The Hunter's wishing to strike a deal with the visiting clan in order to back a coup attempt against the Vetela. Neither, got their wish as the dignitary and her honor guard were assassinated by the alliance in the first raid on the VOR stronghold.
Several more attacks occurred on the fortress but the assassination seemed to be the cliche nail in the coffin. Internal fighting and rifts grew within the VOR ranks. Eventually the Hunters were driven out in disgrace. The Vetala negotiated a cease fire with the alliance and lived in peace for a long period. However, the wounds were deep with the ancient vampire founders and their minions leaving for the unknown lands.


* War of the Armageddon:

The War of the Armageddon™ (WOTA ™ ) ensued shortly after the angels and demons returned as hostilities between the two races and their minions arose across the globe. In part due to unexpected and fierce resistance by humanity culminating in the Eve of Atom the War went from hot to very cold with each side falling back to their earthy places of power. Global level conflicts have ceased, some regional battles do flare up occasionally but the bulk of the fighting now is done covertly and through proxies.
  • Werewolves
See Kal' Lycanis




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