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NoR Rules And Regulations



Welcome to the Land of NoR! We are a vast Roleplay and Combat Multi-SIM community, where you immerse yourself in the living story that takes place during the War of the Armageddon (WOTA). If you are new, please visit our Community Center for orientation and speak to one of the NoR Mentors. In addition, visit our website, and join our Second Life groups: (search “The Land of NoR (NORSIM)” & “NoR Chatterbugs”). The most up to date and controlling rules will be available on the website.


  • The Land Of NoR is based in Mature SIMs (presently 13 SIMs on 2 Continents) and involves mature subject matter. By the Second Life Terms of Service and our own rules, you must be 18 years or older to be in our game.
  • If a NoR rule notecard, in game, conflicts with this site, this site is controlling.

Staff, Admins and Representatives

  • Staff, Admins, Mentors, and Representatives are not the bad guys/girls. They are here to help and maintain a minimal standard that allows a wide ranging group of people to interact.
  1. Please respect Staff. You do not have to agree with what they say, but you do need to understand they have the authority here. Staff/Admins/Reps are not here to be the bad guys/girls, rather they are here to enforce a minimum standard, which allows this community to exist and thrive.
  2. Use the proper groups when requesting assistance. When you require Admin assistance, please type /9gmhelp in chat to request admin assistance. Lands of NoR (NORSIM) group is for Admins to deal with problems. Please do not use it for chat or to answer questions that are directed at staff or Admins. Use the NoR Chatterbugs (NoRSim) Group for chat. Do Not contact Admins directly; request an Admin using /9gmhelp or use the GM button on the UCE HUD (please remember to list the reason in the box provided).
  3. Use the forum to dispute a NoR punishment. If you dispute your punishment, please go to the "Repent & You Shall be Saved" section of the forums at
  4. If you wish to discuss a situation involving or regarding an Admin that you feel needs to be addressed, please contact Bizarre Obscure or Asiandragon Graves.
  5. Respectfully address concerns of Admin abuse. If you feel an Admin has abused their power, please contact Bizarre Obscure or Asiandragon Graves
  6. Keep issue details private. Do not try your case in the court of public opinion or rant in the various NoR chat groups. Staff policy for any situation where gang mentality, harassment or rabble rousing is used to pressure Staff into a favorable outcome will automatically lead to a decision against that party, no matter how right or wrong they are.
  7. Respect Admin Rulings. Admin have the authority to make a judgment call on an issue that has not been covered under the rules. These decisions are to be respected. If you feel it needs review, please address it in the "Repent" section of the forums at

Exploits in general & around the RP/Combat System

1. ANY type of system exploit is not permitted. Violations will range from deletion of character to permanent ban for first offense.

Game & Roleplay Zone

  1. The game and Roleplay ("RP") zone is from 350 m and down and considered “in play.” The moment you enter here you are considered In Character (IC).
  2. Anything above 350m is considered “out of play.” No one is allowed above it without the owners explicit permission. First offense is a temporary ban.
    1. Exception: The SIM Remembrance has some buildings that are considered in play that are above 350m (City Deep and Icarius Station for example). These areas are to be considered in play. Being in any area outside of these without permission is a violation.
  3. There are NO SAFE ZONES in the "in play" areas.
    1. You may however Roleplay a "safe zone" but this does not extend the use of parcel power or Admin enforcement. You can only enforce it through In Character (IC) means. Example: Bouncers in a bar incapacitating a rowdy patron.
  4. In play zones span the entirety of NoR’s continent. But, remember this: There are property owners who control portions of the land(s).The owners are subject to the rules of the SIM(s), but they are entitled to remove people from their parcels with only some minor exceptions.
  5. RP: Players may refuse to participate in certain types of RP; a list of certain situations should be in the player's profile. This triggers an automatic "fast forward", but as a courtesy and to avoid confusion the player is required to state the cause, go non-com, and that they are fast forwarding for reasons in their profile.
    1. Valid Example: I do not roleplay rape.
    2. Invalid Example: I do not roleplay defeated
  6. The game and RP zone is from 350m and down and considered “in play.” The moment you enter here you are considered in character.
  • Remember, this is a game. It is for people to have fun and meet like-minded others.


  • Roleplay in NoR is largely player driven. NoR mostly provides a story “foundation,” with the players themselves constructing the roleplay “building”. There are the occasional official NoR roleplays that will be clearly distinguished from player-based ones. Players may coordinate or publish their roleplays on under the "Dark RP (Public)" section.
  1. RPZone is Always In Character: From the minute you step into the “in play” areas, you are involved in the NoR roleplay. Every action you take, every word you say, everything you and others do, is a part of that roleplay.
    1. Defeated: When you are defeated in the Combat System, your default state is barely conscious & grievously wounded.
    2. True death of a character can only be roleplayed and done so with the consent of the character to be killed.
  2. The players dictate the roleplay, but Staff will enforce a minimum standard. You will be expected to comply with this minimum standard or face penalties.
    1. Example: If you are stripped of your weapons after your defeat, you are expected to detach them and for a reasonable period not access those weapons.
    2. Example: If you are bound, you will be expected to be bound. Simply stating "I burn off my binds" or "I break the handcuffs" is not acceptable and rather disappointing roleplay. Demons, lycans, vampires and so on are well known in this universe and so their strengths and weaknesses would be well known and bindings are presumed to be up to the task.
  3. “Fast Forward”: This command allows you to remove yourself in real life from a roleplay scenario.
    1. Like life, you cannot control the circumstances you find yourself in. Unlike life, you may remove your real life self from something particularly troubling.
    2. This is to be used sparingly. “I don’t like to lose” is not a good reason to fast forward through a roleplay situation.
    3. NOTE: When you fast forward, a shell of your character remains in terms of the roleplay. Meaning, the roleplay goes on without you, but your character still experiences it even if you are not there in real life.
    4. “Fade to black” no longer has any function in terms of roleplay.
  4. RP System Requirement: You are not required to have your Combat unit on or active to roleplay. Except:
    1. You are instigating, provoking or otherwise are in a situation considered “fighting words” or acts.
    2. Example: You cannot trash talk or walk into an enemy stronghold and hide behind non-com or no Combat System. You are required to activate your Combat System or leave the area immediately.
    3. Definition: Leaving the area is whatever completely removes you from the situation. A MINIMUM standard would be out of chat range, but in some cases it may be greater including a parcel or SIM. Teleporting to a different sim is preferred.
  5. Out of Character (OOC): OOC insults, threats and harassment are not permitted.
    1. OOC problems only hurt the community and the roleplay. Aside from that, being adults, these types of disagreements are rather silly.
    2. Generally OOC speech is signaled by using the /9ooc text command with Combat System, or typing ((text)).
    3. We do not mind the occasional friendly exchange, but reserve your OOC conversations for private IMs.
    4. OOC speech will be inferred where necessary even if /9ooc or brackets are not used. Example: "Your roleplay sucks" = OOC.
  • Advice: It's better to just not go Out of Character (OOC) when an issue between parties arise. Please let Staff handle problems.
  • Communication: Most roleplay problems can be worked out between players if you merely act maturely and respect one another. Arguing solves nothing beyond ruining everyone’s good time. Always remember there are real people behind the avatars and a little respect and courtesy goes a long way.


  • Combat: Combat is initiated when any hostile act is taken by either side. At that point, both sides are committed to the rules of combat.
  1. Consent to combat: If you are wearing a Combat System in an active state you are a target. Period.
  2. Combat unit required to engage in combat: You must have a Combat System on and active to be in combat. Period.
  3. Non-com: You can turn off (or remove) your Combat unit at anytime, UNLESS you have been attacked or have attacked.
    1. Staying Combative: Once combat has started, you may not go non-com until it has concluded.
    2. Fleeing: You can flee a fight by standard movement (Second Life running or walking). Once you have fully lost your pursuers, you are no longer considered in that fight (generally a sim or greater distance away).
    3. Quitting Or Engaging in Combat: You cannot conveniently go inactive/noncom or go combative to gain an advantage.
  4. Revive/Resurrect: If you are revived by someone or naturally revived, you return to being a target.
  5. Rezzing: The second you teleport or log into an area you are a target. You may however declare “rezzing” and immediately go non-com or remove your Combat System. If you have declared rezzing and gone non-com or removed your Combat System, you cannot be involved in any way any battle that is taking place and must leave the area immediately.
  6. Teleporting: Teleporting reinforcements, allies or whomever into a combat zone or fight is not permitted. Using a teleporter (an object with one destination, that allows you to be persued) that is public, is legal to be used during combat/RP, however, you cannot use the (SL) teleport option to get out of combat in any way. It destabilizes combat and Roleplay.
  7. Weapons: You are allowed 2 weapons per body (Your body has 2 weapons slots).
    1. This can be 2 ranged weapons or 2 melee weapons or a mix of the 2.
    2. “Dummy”, “show” or otherwise inactive weapons, do not count against your weapons limit.
    3. Burden of proof is on the player to show a weapon isn’t active. The presumption will be that any weapon worn is active.
    4. ANYTHING more than 2 weapons is considered “weapons stacked” and not permitted.
    5. Epee, martial arts, fists as a weapon type are considered to take up 1 weapons slot.
    6. Insure your weapon is compliant with the NoR Weapons Guidelines
  8. Melee Animations: Melee attacking someone without an animation indicating the attack is not permitted.
  9. Hospital Rule: There are heal and nurse balls provided in game, which allow quicker regeneration of health and energy, you MAY NOT be involved with a fight while using one of them however you can still be attacked.
    1. This includes guns, skills or melee.
    2. You may not indirectly be involved in fighting while on a heal or nurse ball. Meaning you cannot buff, heal, or in anyway aid another player while on a heal ball.
    3. NOTE: You can return to the same battle after using nurse/healing balls.
  10. Movement Enhancers: ANY type of movement enhancer during combat is not allowed (Jump, flashstep, TPers, etc). If it isn’t the standard and intended Second Life movement (run, walk, jump) then it's enhanced movement.
  11. Corpse Camping: Corpse camping is defined as defeating the same person once combat has ended with no reasonable reason for doing so.
    1. Reasonable reasons range from valid roleplay to the defeated player returning to target status.
    2. If a defeated player takes any hostile act, uses self-revive, or is revived by a non-enemy they return to target status and are able to be attacked.
    3. Large scale battles exception: Due to the nature of battles, repeat killings will happen accidentally as well as part of the act of fighting. This is the risk you take being a part of these battles.
  12. Shooting through prims: Attacking through prims: Using weapons or melee to attack through prims is not permitted, due to obvious return fire issues and line of sight restrictions to weapons.
    1. Bullets must not pass through prims either.
    2. Skills can be used without line of sight.
  13. Crashing during combat is deemed a defeat to prevent convenient crashes. You are required to return to your crash site as defeated.


  1. HARASSMENT: Harassment is against our rules and the TOS of Linden Labs. Although this is a Roleplay environment, OOC harassment will not be tolerated, nor will cloaking it "In Character".
  2. Experience point idling/camping (XP Idling): This is where a player remains logged in to take advantage of the time based xp award system, while not being at the computer or in an active state. This is not allowed and will result in increasing xp docks to possible bans for repeat offenders.
    1. To avoid problems due to emergencies or falling asleep at the keyboard, we advise turning/taking off any anti-idlers or other means of avoiding being logged out automatically by Second Life.
  3. No flying. Due to SIM restarts and such, sometimes flying becomes available, even if this is the case, you are still not allowed to do so.
  4. VISIBLE COMBAT METER: Your Combat System meter must be easily visible both in terms of color and unobstructed.
  5. NO VEHICLES IN NoR (Any of the SIMs). Period. No "testing" or "I just wanted to see it for a sec." Go to a sand box.
    1. A vehicle is defined as any object that uses the physics engine to drive it (i.e. cars, motorcycles, trucks, chocobos, magic carpets, hover platforms, etc), rather than an object that attaches to the avatar (i.e. horses, skateboards, bicycles, etc). If you are uncertain whether or not the object you wish to use is a vehicle, please contact an ADMIN for help in determining the difference. Keep in mind the RP nature of this, as well. Be respectful of the environment and the RP.
  6. Child Avatars: Child Avatars are NOT allowed in NoR. All depictions, enactments, resemblances to children (babies, infants, toddlers, adolescents) of any race or gender are not permitted. You will be Banned from NoR for violating this policy and may be reported to LL for further action.
    1. This includes, but is not limited to:
      - Artifacts of childhood (baby bottles, cribs, bibs, diapers, rattles)
      - Child Clothing and Attire
      - Child Body Shapes
      - Child Speech, Emotes, or Gestures
      - Anything that is debatable
    2. See Linden Labs’ own policy if you need additional clarification on what may be allowed outside of NoR:
  7. Spy Devices: Please see the Linden Lab Terms of Service. You are responsible for complying with these terms.
  8. Griefing: NO Shields, Cagers, Orbiters, or Explosives are allowed in NoR. These are griefing tools that go strictly against these rules and the Second Life Community Standards.
  9. Radar devices or heavy lag producing items are not permitted.
  10. 'Gesturbating & general spamming: Gesturbating is keying up gestures repeatedly to the point it becomes spam. Both are not permitted due to the annoyance factor and disruption to the community.

Land Owner Rules.

  1. Parcel bans: Parcel owners have the right to ban players for a reasonable cause. Parcel owners must submit the name(s) of those banned and reason(s) for the ban at the Land of NoR Forums under the Purgatory heading, in the Parcel Ban Listings. Player's can request a Staff review of the parcel ban. Staff will try to respect the owners decision, but also must maintain the "open atmosphere" that makes this place a community.
    1. Example of reasonable: Banned player was harassing the owner.
    2. Example of unreasonable: Player is banned because he/she beat you up on your property.

Things to keep in mind

  1. We are all here to have fun.
  2. This is a game. It is a fictional world where anything can and usually does happen.
  3. A rule violation does not necessarily require Staff intervention; an apology for a mistake goes a long way with people.

Reference Documentation

Remember that while in NoR, the Rules of NoR are designed to be common-sense and in harmony with the Linden Labs Regulations. In addition to NoR rules, you are expected to comply with the Secondlife TOS and CS.

  • Second Life Terms Of Service (TOS)
  • Second Life Community Standards (CS)


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