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Land Of NoR

NoR Groups in Second Life

All of these groups are OOC and used for building and maintaining our NoR Community of friends and fellow Role Players. Membership in these groups isn't required to participate in NoR, but the core ones are strongly encouraged.

The Lands of NoR (NoRSim)

At over 1500 members, this is the core group for NoR announcements, and the place to request assistance. (Make sure when you request assistance from Admins, that you remember to keep your cool, and follow the few simple steps we've described for issue resolution.

This group is not to be used for arguing or general chat, players should refrain from interjecting on issues here, and keep the general chatter in the chatterbugs group.

The Lands of NoR (NoRSim)

In-World, you can paste this text, and then click it in your chat history:


NoR Chatterbugs (NorSim)

Chatterbugs is our (unofficial) place to chat.

The Main NoR Group "Lands of NoR (NoRSim)" group is reserved for important announcements and requests for assistance.

In this group we can talk about politics, laugh about the current RP, or whatever other random topics are on our minds.

Come, join, talk, laugh, and feel connected to us all!

NoR Chatterbugs (NorSim)

In-World, you can paste this text, and then click it in your chat history:



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Game Guide About

The Game Guide is exactly that; your guide to our game in the Land of NoR. With the info you will find here, you make sure you know everything you need to make your stay in the Land of NoR an exciting one. For you, and for your fellow NoRians.

We work hard to keep the information in the Game Guide relevant and up-to-date. If you have a suggestion or if something in the rules is unclear to you, you can either contact a member of Land of NoR staff (a mentor, or an admin) or you can go to our forums and post there.

The Land of NoR uses UCE

The UintyCore Engine is used in The Land of NoR.

UCE is a feature-rich roleplay & combat system like no other. You can use this system in the Lands of NoR to engage in epic battles!

We enjoy our Second Life!

Second Life is a free online virtual world imagined and created by its Residents. From the moment you enter Second Life, you'll discover a fast-growing digital world filled with people, entertainment, experiences and opportunity.

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