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NoR (WOTA) Race And Class Overview

The WOTA Handbook is used by NoR. The races/classes/skills/mechanics are determined by this handbook.

In NoR, we are free-form RP and do not have any restrictions on the back-story that you choose for your race, as long as your IC character and OOC actions are in accordance with the NoR Rules. This means we won't demand that your Vampire (Noctural) abide by any set definition. If you choose to be a Vampire that runs around during the day, and only feeds on Cabbage, opposed to developing a compelling backstory - enjoy! Factions are groups of players with a common story and set of behavior. In order to join a faction in NoR, you agree to abide by their rules. So a group of Angelique may be totally non-violent, while others may attempt to violently enforce their vision.

Take your time and read over the races, and feel free to join our NoR Groups and ask for further assistance or request a Mentor from the NoR Community Center to aid you in your decision.

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you in NoR!

Terran (Human)

The last of the remaining humans; this group of tough individuals may be jaded and discouraged, but their faith and determination eternally guides them to fight and enjoy life in their rightful realm, Earth.

WOTA Terran


The Radicals are the frontline fighters of Terran-Kind, they are able to dish out a great deal of damage in a short amount of time.


Terran Med-Tech's are on the healing front for thier kind, relying on gadgets and nanotechnology, they can heal and aid thier fellow Terrans.


Terran Hunters are the medium ground between defense and offense, they have capabilities that allow them to take a tremendous amount of damage, thus keeping their allies alive longer.

Angelique (Angel)

Most of what is know of the Angels come from religious legend of the various cultures of humanity. No one belief has been proved right or wrong fully. However, in their own right, their beliefs are thus: They are portrayed as powerful and dreadful, endowed with wisdom and with knowledge of all earthly events, correct in their judgment, holy, but not infallible: they strive against each other, and God has to make peace between them. While the war may rage on between Demons and Angels... they still hold onto many of these attributes.

WOTA Angelique


Purifiers are the Angelique's Warrior Class. Wielding power in the name of "light", These Angels reign death and destruction on their enemies but are more easily damaged.


The Protector stand astride the extremes between the destructive power of the Purifier and The Devine. With some ability to support and a high tolerance for pain, these most durable of Angels provide fundamental grounding.


Angelique Devine restore power, and strength. They support the Purifiers and The Protectors in combat with the wide variety of skills they possess.

Demonomika (Demons, Devils, or Evil Beings)

Most of what is know of the Demonomika comes from religious legend of the various cultures of humanity. No one belief has been proved right or wrong fully. They are a fierce race, that comes from hell or some other plane, bent on vanquishing the Angelique presence from this world and enslaving any race that they see as being lower then them.

WOTA Demonomika


The Scourge pummel their enemies with great offensive capabilities, but are unable to take much damage on themselves.


Sacrificer's aid and support friends and allies in combat with their superior healing abilities. While still demonic, the Sacrificer's heal capabilities are greatly admired by the fighters of the race.


Corrupter's are tough as steel. They are able to defend themselves to a great extent with defensive skills, thus allowing them to take a high amount of damage.

Nocturnals (Vampire or Night Creatures)

The wars have left the sun obscured day and night, so these Vampires roam all hours of the day feeding on victims and expanding their influence. They both hide in the background or show themselves. Nocturnals can be seen as the Vampires of old or the newly reformed, depending on their lives, or rather.. undeaths. With a wide variety of characteristics, it it difficult at best to tell if one is a Nocturnal... but it is not suggested to take your chances.

WOTA Nocturnal


The Channelers keep their allies and friends alive in battle with their superb healing skills. They have the ability to be defensive for themselves as well as those they choose to help.


The Bane are the strongest fighters of the Nocturnals race, they are able to dish the damage out fast but not able to take much themselves.


The Enthrallers are Nocturnals hybrid class, tough and durable. Because of this, they are able to withstand high amounts of force.

Lycanthrope (Lycan or Werewolf, foxes, canines (and Some Furries))

Legends in folklore tell stories of Werewolf, Lycanthropic manifestations; some say it is witchcraft and others say it is a curse: The bite of a wolf, the bestowing of power. Shrouded thousands of years in the dark abyss of the lands, a revolt pushed the species to the surface to face adversaries. Immortal shifters, Lycans now openly roam the lands as beast or man, defending their territory and feeding upon those unlucky enough to cross them.

WOTA Lycanthrope


Lycanthrope Beasts are the best of both worlds. They are able to withstand massive amounts of damage, while protecting their friends and allies in combat.


Lycanthrope Preditors are the first to jump into the fray. They can shred their opponents with a high rate of damage, but unable to take much themselves.


Lycanthrope Seer's are those in the pack who have great healing abilities. Aiding and supporting their friends and allies in combat is their primary function.

N'komusume (Neko, Feline, or Cat People)

These beings appeared shortly after the conflicts began. Playful and elusive little has been learned of their history. As known Myth, these are cat-like hybrids... feline traits are noted and much is still to be found out. While you'll find some timid and quiet, there are those that hold true to the battles raging on and are right there in the fight. Ever heard the saying "Never cross a black cat" ? Well, could be true for the N'komusume as well.

WOTA N'komusume


The Ferals, with sharp teeth, razor claws. These creatures bring death and destruction like the top of the feline predator chain they are.


Bracer are the kitties that are the caretaker kittens. They are able to restore and rejuvinate their comrades in battle.


Sturdily built yet still fast and lithe. These Pouncer N'komusume are thick skinned and muscular. Tolarating deep wounds they can hunt relentlessly in combat.

Mythic (Elemental Magicians)

The Mythics are a diverse race, these are the creatures and beings who were here in ancient times and have resurfaced, their legends recounted in the lore of the elders; stories of dragons, sprites, necromancers, orcs, wizard warriors, and on and on. They are both the most ancient reawakened as well as the modern decendants of those in all their permutations of human and non-human forms. Their common ability as wielders of magicks, incantations, spells, and elemental energies makes them unpredictable, great allies or foes dependant on your intent.

WOTA Mythic


The Warden are the Mythic's fiercest fighters, able to deal tremendous damage with powerful skills that augment their strength.


The Oracle are a Mythic's best friend, aiding and supplementing allies in battle with their skills. The healing capabilities the Oracle possesses are complimentary to their Kin while in battle, thus greatly sought after.


The Praetorian are the medium ground between defense and offense. They have skills that allow them to take a tremendous amount of damage, thus keeping their allies alive longer.


The Progeny of the first Elves, the Elfin have left their forefathers hallowed and secret realms. Breaking from the traditions of their ancestors they have come to defend the deep places of magic, both physically and spiritually. With their intellect and knack for all things arcane, they work to reclaim the balance in this chaotic world. An embodiment of all the Elven of Old held sacred, the Elfin are creators and guardians of the Balance.

WOTA Elfin


The Elfin Champions are true to their namesake, able to inflict great wounds on their enemies using powerful offensive skills .


The Shaman are able to heal, aid and bolster their comrades in combat. They are a useful resource for battle and their skills are admired by the rest of the race.


The Guardians are able to weave natural armors about themselves to stave off attacks, thus taking a great deal of damage.


Descended from the original Drow, Drowin are cursed to walk the underdark of the world. They have risen yet again, following their Gods and Goddesses of old, to reclaim the surface that they once held. The Darkest of Elves, the Drowin are to be feared as the embodiment of evil.



Drow Cavestalkers are at the forefront of any battle , they can strike fast and inflict grievous wounds , but are not able to take much themselves.


Kinslayer are some of the more tougher Drow, able to withstand much punishment as they fight. Defensively, they are a force to reckon with, but you won't find them at the front of the battle.


The Drow Priest's are the ones able to Heal and support their friends and allies, but carry a hard hit with infections skills as well.

Machina (Mechanical)

History is full of such creations; The golem, the Humunculous, Frankenstein's Monster. With the age of computers and the advances in medicine, cybernetics and robotics, come this new race. The "Machina". They come in many forms, but all share self-awareness, intelligence, and the will to survive. Cyborgs, robots, androids, bio-clones.....even the magical creations of the mages; golem and the zombie can be considered "Machina". Few Machina are able to use magics. The race is generally more at home with technical applications and advanced technology. After the apocalypse began, the rise of the preternaturals, and the horrors of war, many of these machine beings developed true artificial intelligence and slowly developing personalities.

WOTA Machina


As the common ground of healing, repairing and combat, the Centurion are more ruggedly constructed or may have some form of body armor. They also may have had industrial functions and may not look humanoid.


Basic combat types that stress firepower and stealth, may specialize in termination of a specific race or creatures.


The Mender are the Machina that have been modified to treat humanoids or repair other Machina, of all classes, and are the most suceptable to magic.


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